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  1. Jelly beans join the clean plate club

    I have a doubt to confirm.
  2. Adapting a classic crossing puzzle

    Ok , NOW I got it ,
  3. Adapting a classic crossing puzzle

    After going through a few ways to cross the river , shortest time is
  4. Cubicle Stack

    I think I got it ....
  5. Cubicle Stack

    Not sure if my method is the right way to do it...
  6. What am I ?

    plasmid , your second answer was right !!
  7. What am I ?

    I have legs , ears , eyes , leaves , tails , wings , and trunks . What am I ?
  8. What am I ?

    Well that would have been right , but then almost every "what am I question" can be answered with that . The following is a clue of sort....
  9. Russian Roulette

    After the chamber is spun , the bullet can only occupy 6 positions .
  10. Segment a segment

    One more thing , does this problem have a solution? And is the line and line segment given intersecting , parallel or just inclined and not intersecting?