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Hi dtdt, welcome to the Den.

Share the numbers with us and we'll do our best with them.

The title has XM in it. Are they the [roman] numbers?

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Assuming this is a standard letter multiplication problem (X multiplied by MAS to yield TREE), with each letter taking on a different digit from the set 0-9, with no leading zeroes, in decimal arithmetic...

X=4, MAS=397, TREE=1588

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I guess this is unanswerable after all..
in most escape games point and clicking
some sign can give you the right number usually
need to open a coded box, door,compartment
that has another item inside:
X means multiply
M 11^ flip & cut
A - 4 breaking
S 8 meeting ends
T 7 - dropping
R 1 2 separating
E E 6
9 rotate and link..
this is how to do it in games:
but still don't make sense...

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