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Back Aches

Power Couples

Old Legends

Following Form

Rest Stop

Spare Tires

Credit Watch

Talk Smack



For each word of each line above, find synonyms that are anagrams.

For example: Cut Open --> Reduction/Introduce

Scared ya? think these are hard enough as it is so will say that all the answers are five letter words.

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Back Aches - Spine Pines by Wilson

Power Couples - Steam Mates by Wilson

Old Legends - Stale Tales by Wilson and 'Cat'astrophe

Following Form - Later Alter by itachi-san

Rest Stop - Break Brake by Wilson

Spare Tires - Sober Bores by itachi-san

Credit Watch - Merit Timer by dyalDragon with partial credit to Wilson & WitchOfDoubt

Talk Smack - State Taste by tiger_lily111

Thunderhead - Claps Scalp by Framm 18

Substractors - Heros Hoers by DudleyDude

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