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-After sign-ups end and the game starts, do not post in the game thread if you are not part of the game. If you have any questions or something relating to the round or your role, PM me.

-Please don't cheat. Follow your character's guidelines. If you are caught breaking rules, you're out and will be barred from future games.

-The two phases begin and end when I say. Sometimes, a phase will end sooner, if all actions have been completed or something like that. For example, if everyone votes to go to sleep, the Daytime Phase will immediately end. If no further action can be taken during the day, it will end. Once all special characters have PMed me their choices, the Night Phase will end. I will try to give you a rought time as to when the phase will end, if I can.

-Any game questions, even from participants, must be PMed to me. Like, if you don't understand your role. Do not ask questions that can damage gameplay in the thread.

-If you are a special character who can act, PM me during the Night Phase.

-It's recommended that all participants keep an eye on the top of the page, to see if they have new messages.

-Once you're dead, you can still post, but you can't give any hints if you know someone's identity, nor can you vote. Don't even pretend-vote, because with so many players, it's easy for me to mistakenly count a vote from a dead player.

-Do not sign up if you think you can't post regularily. If there are any issues that will prevent you from posting, contact me, and I'll see what I can do. Also, remember that people are human. I need to sleep too, so I may on occassion end/start the phases a little earlier or later than originally stated.

-You can't take back which power you decided to use or who you decided to use it on.

-PMs special characters send me during the Daytime Phases will usually be considered null, unless there is a specific reason the PM was sent at that time. This cannot happen on a regular basis.

-Please try and participate. You don't technically have to speak up during the Daytime Phases, but it's good for the game. The same goes for those of you that have special powers. The game can't continue during a Night Phase until you've all contacted me. In the case of special powers, attempting to cheat by repeatedly being absent in an effort not to have to choose anyone will result in removal from the game. If there is a reason why you can't contact me during the Night Phase, explain and PM me your choice and action during the Day Phase.

-Read through the game thread carefully once the game begins. It's good to know what's going on.

-People new to this kind of game, please know that you shouldn't generally reveal who you are. I'm just worried I'll pass out the roles and people will complain and reveal who they got. You CAN say who you are, but it's wise to only do that as a form of strategy.

-Due to some participation problems, most special characters will have understudies in the form of another character. If they fail after an extended period of time to contact me with a name or an action, then I will PM their understudy. The understudies will not know who the username of the person they make choices for, and in the cases of stuff like investigations, it will still be the original person who gets the information. L's understudy will be Near or Watari(if Near is dead), Near's understudy will be Watari and vice-versa, Wedy's understudy will be Watari, Jealous' understudy will be Rem, and Mello's understudy will be Matt and vice-versa. Since there is usually more than one Kira, they will not really need understudies. If it comes down to one Kira who is not present, Rem will be the understudy. Due to the nature of their powers, Rem, Shidoh, and Kiyome will not have understudies, and understudies will not know if their partner possesses the Eyes or a Death Note.

-If a Majority is reached, voting is frozen.

-This is a fast-paced game and participation is a must. Please do not sign up if you will not be readily available to play. Players are expected to join in the Daytime Phase discussions, vote when people are accused, and PM me promptly if they have special powers to use. If you keep people waiting, understudies might be contacted, or you might even be removed from the game, if it gets bad enough. I don't want to have people dropping out mid-game or asking to be replaced.

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But what I'm asking is if voting reaches majority, and then someone outs their role, so we want to change our vote, we can't do that. How would we change our vote after majority is reached? Obviously, not everybody picks someone to lynch and stays with them. That's what I wanna know.

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Will no one else sign up?@_@ Why ask questions if you're not going to sign up?

There are a lot of Mafia games that end the Day Phase once voting reaches majority. This is a rule that may change in the future, but it's currently in place mostly because of my unstable sleep schedule.

I have not yet played in and have not observed one in play. It is an oddity to me. And you seemed to gloss over my observation that a Day Phase could very well start and end while a few players are asleep. The randomness of phase endings is a large objection for me. To be honest if I was given a special role I would likely either intentionally withhold my submission until the very end to allow the most time possible for game changes or withhold to near end if I think I might be the last to submit and can make the Day Phase begin at a time advantages to myself.

Basically I've seen time zones affect game play when the phase ending was know. I do not think unknown phase endings are friendly to players with such different time zones as we have. And I'm really not in the mood of committing to such a large game just to test it.

I also question your hosting a game if you are not able to commit a fairly standard time frame where you can be reached for game questions. With random phase endings and now you saying that your sleep schedule is also random... This does not inspire confidence in the stability of the game.

Character guidelines refer merely to the the descriptions of the character's abilities and the related rules. For example, PMing me during the Night Phase with your action.

Just to be clear for others since you are changing multiple standards in this game... Other then pretending to be unavailable to avoid taking action, what else would be considered cheating?

Night Phase can end quickly, but due to the large number of characters, it often doesn't. The game used to go too fast, so some changes were made. And yes, the Night Phase can end before the Shinigami Eyes PMs are all sent in.

So again, time zone differences could prevent part of the game play from occurring. Unless you are going to ensure that all the various time zones have a player with a special action. Or the good special characters all intentionally delay their submissions.

Filibuster?O_o Dead playesr are allowed to post, but they can't reveal information they know or influence the game. And the can't get out of control or troll or anything like that.

I'm very good at saying absolutely nothing in game threads. You might want to define "out of control". What happens if a dead player writes something that an active player thinks was a hint typed mistakenly? They could write something by accident or write something innocent that is completely taken wrong.

There is no limit to asking questions. If you have a question, PM and ask it.

All players who can act must act, with the exception or Rem.

There is no clear definition for "extended period of time". It basically just means that I don't want the game to be put on hold because of one or two people.

Voting works pretty normally. You can change your vote before majority is reached. And of course you can accuse a person without voting for them.O_o

Just asking because I can picture an accusation list coming into play that you could rule is actually a voting roster.

Also, if the baddies are all in one time zone I can really see them abusing the majority ending the Day Phase. At the endgame flash voting occurring whenever they can make a majority occur instead of at known times.

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Klue, that's fine. However, it would be nice if you could mention my game and encourage people to sign up for it when you do so.

MissKitten, like I said, it's something that might change in the future, but currently, it is not planned to.

curr3nt, all games are something of an oddity at first. All these questions mean nothing if no one will sign up. You should give it a try-you might end up liking it.

I did not gloss over anything. I responded to everything you've said. I've hosted this game many times before, and things have gone pretty smoothly. All questions are answered quickly, but even I do need to sleep. Given phase endings are also kind of pointless with this game, since Day Phase ends when majority is reached and Night Phase ends when everything is done.

Cheating is something that should be pretty obvious to the player. Basically, a player taking any kind of action to break or damage the game. I know this has happened here in the past, and it's not acceptable.

Dead players should be careful what they say, and alive ones should trust that I will not let hints be posted. I just don't want the game thread becoming a bunch of people talking about nothing.

The bad guys are severely in the minority, and at the end of the game, voting is something the baddies can always try to abuse, no matter what the game.

Really, can people start signing up?>_> I mean, I'd like to get this started.

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