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This has been inspired by the Brian Dennis series. I will use a WIT and riddle system similar (if not exactly the same) to it.

You are a young (about 25yo), female detective. While relaxing in your office, feet up and everything, a rather young man walks in, no older than 21. He’s wearing a white t-shirt that used to have a rather clever remark on it, but is now too worn out to read. His blue jeans have small holes near the knees, and are frayed around his ankles. He has a tattoo twisted around the entire length of his right arm and on the back of his hand in the shape of a dragon. He wears a He eyes you over, obviously taken in by your extremely attractive body. After a few moments, he gathers himself and says, “Uh… excuse me, are you Leslie Young?”

“How may I help you?” you ask in a flat, quick tone. You never liked working, but you need to make a living somehow, and no other fields are quite your cup of tea.

“Uh… um… well, I kinda… you see… my, uh… girlfriend-“

“Nothing to be nervous about, just pretend you’re talking to an empty chair.”

He takes a deep breath. “Okay. My girlfriend, who is pregnant, has been staying at my place, but for the last few days, she hasn’t come back. I’ll get texts from her, but whenever I try to call her, she doesn’t pick up. I’ve talked to her parents, but it’s the same for them. We haven’t had any particularly nasty fights, so I don’t think she’s ignoring me, and… I think she’s maybe… Uh… I think she was kidnapped. I’m scared that I won’t see her again, until…” He starts to cry, and that’s your cue to take the case.

“Okay, okay, I’ll help you out. Just… please don’t cry.”

“Th-thank you. Oh, my name is Brian Marillas, and my girlfriend is Sarah Knight.”

Locations: Marillas Residence

Knight Residence

Your Office

Items: SIG SAUER® P250


What is your first move?

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“So what’s the verdict?” you ask.

The officer blushes and tries to hide it behind the results. “It’s a mixture of gamma-hydroxybutyrate and flunitrazepam. That’s-“

“GHB and roofies. How did the culprit get it in your tea though?” the chief asks.

“I grabbed the mug from the cabinet. I only keep one mug in the office. I bring one from home every day, and bring it home at the end of the day. He could have laced the mug with it.”

“Okay, so why use both drugs? Isn’t one enough?”

The nervous officer chimes in. “That depends how long he wanted her out. Lacing a mug like that would only keep her out a few hours if he used one of them. A combination of both drugs can cause permanent damage if too much or a bad ratio is used, but will otherwise keep someone out longer. Also, the ratio he used is consistent with one of our records. It’s an unsolved case, involving the body of a previous detective. His body was found after the demolition of the old town library. I think the cases are connected.”

The chief looks at him quizzically. “How do you know this?”

“Uh… it… he was… my father…” He tears up and starts to leave.

You go over and hug him. “Oh… I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll figure this out, for your father.”

Another officer comes over and stares for a few seconds.”Uhh…” You look at her and let go of the officer you were consoling. “Riiight… I’m here to report on the backgrounding of Brain Marillas.”

The chief comes over. “So what do you have?”

“Well, Brian is cleaner than snow. If you put Brian and snow in a lineup, snow would go to jail.”

“Why does that sound familiar?”(I borrowed it from a show I watch. Couldn't help it.)

“However, I went a little deeper, and found out that his father, Matthew, has served several times. They both have the same birthmark, and are around the same height and weight, but a work record I found on Matt shows that he helped install surveillance cameras in several buildings, including…”

The chief smiles. “So we have probable cause to search his home for any dishes matching the mug.”

Maggie chimes in. “I actually have that mug at home, too. It’s part of a kitchen set I got as a housewarming gift.”

[Warrant obtained]

[Matthew Marrilas’ residence unlocked]

NOTE: I wrote down the stuff about the mixture of drugs as it came into my head. I have no idea if it is true or not, since this is a work of fiction.

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First of all, you cannot just barge into a suspect’s home, but you don’t have to tell them you’re coming. Second, you can bust down the door if no one answers it after fifteen seconds. I know this from a show I watch.

You take a few officers with you to Matthew’s house. After fourteen and a half seconds, the door opens, although you wish it hadn’t. You and two officers move in and start searching while another officer starts to explain the situation and terms of the warrant. Before she even finishes a sentence, one of the officers has already found a bag of meth. The officer takes him into custody while the rest of you keep searching. You find a plate, fork, knife, and spoon matching the drugged mug, and your own mug. You can tell it’s yours because you put an invisible mark on it in lemon juice, and shining the fluorescent light on it makes it visible. After a careful search, the GHB and roofie mix is found. You feel you should apologize to Brian for both suspecting him for your near death experience and not being able to find his girlfriend. As you are about to leave, one of the officers beckons you over. He had found a secret passage, and thought it should be investigated before you leave. You follow a twisting, turning path deep below the house. You come to a locked white and black door with a sign on it.

“Without light, I cannot exist. Without me, light cannot exist. I will unlock this door, if you give me to it.”

How do you unlock the door?

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You tell the officer to turn off his flashlight, and you do the same. You hear a click, and you open the door into a room filled with light. After a second to adjust your eyes, you see Sarah chained to the far wall. You rush over. Sarah! Are you alright?!

Who… who are you?

I am Detective Leslie Young. Your boyfriend hired me to find you.

Brian… did that? What about his f****** father? Where is that b******?

Hes in custody.

Good. I want to see Brian… and my parents.

I need to get you to a hospital first, make sure youre not seriously injured or deprived.

And they can come see me?

Yeah. Ill make sure of it.

In the hospital, Brian and the Knights are visiting Sarah. Brian grabs her hand and furiously kisses it, speaking in between each kiss. I am * so glad * that youre * okay.* I * promise* to * protect * you, * no matter * what. ****** Sarah smiles at him then looks toward her parents. They come closer.

Mr. and Mrs. Knight try to talk at the same time, but only Richards voice gets through. We were so worried about you. We got a ransom note, but before we could even think about what to do, we got a call that you were here! Its our fault! Its all our fault!

Please dont say that, dad. Its not your fault.

Your eyes twinkle when you hear ransom note, and you ask to see it. Marie takes it from her purse, and you start reading it.

What does it say, Detective? Brian asks.


Do you read it aloud for everyone to hear, or wait until you are alone/at the station?

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“It’s handwritten.

’Dear Knights,

‘I have your daughter, but you will not see her again if you do not give in to my demands. My son had the misfortune as to make her pregnant and cut her off from your financial aid, which I know he regrets, but not as much as never seeing her again. You will give her the financial aid if you wish to see her again, and I will turn myself in. I just want to protect my son, future daughter-in-law, and grandchild from growing up how I did, living a life of crime and poverty. Please do not make me regret doing this. Sincerely, Matthew Marillas’”

Brian sighs. “He grew up practically on the streets. His parents were too weak to do actual work, so they mostly depended on him to steal food and other necessities. That’s why he left me with my mom, so I wouldn’t be influenced by him. He’s always tried to help in his own way, even if it is illegal.” He turns to Mr. and Mrs. Knight. “We don’t need you to give us your money. I will work harder than ever before to keep us well. If you want to, however, we will welcome it, but not if you give it out of pity. I wish to earn happiness by my own hand.”

Richard puts a hand on Brian’s shoulder. “You don’t deserve to work yourself so hard. We may have… no. We did overreact. She is old enough to make her own choices, but we didn’t want her to grow up so fast. It is our duty to support our daughter, even if we don’t agree with her choices. But, I reacted too quickly. I misjudged you, and I apologize. You may even be better for my daughter than anyone else she’ll ever meet.”

As you walk out of the room, you feel great. Not only did you solve the case, but you brought a family closer together. That’s more than you could ask for. Wait. Why is the chief here, and why does he look so serious?

"Ah, Detective. I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that my higher ups want to hire you to work exclusively for the department."

"Is the bad news that I have to deal with you every day?"

"Ha, ha ha. If you take the job, here's your first case."

The End.........?

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I don't get it... why is that the end? Will there be a sequel? Why would she take a job and not want a case right off the bat? What would the case be? Sorry about all the questions, I have been reading this all day and trying to figure it out and that ending didn't seem to fit the story, or rather, it stopped pretty abruptly. Will there be another one?

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