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A stranger ran into the Thunderclan camp. Or rather, he was no stranger, but he wasn't Thunderclan, and was not easily welcomed.

"Stonefur!" exclaimed Firestar. "What are you doing here?"

Stonefur bowed his head. "Tigerstar's half-clan madness has taken over the whole clan. He's joined forces with Riverclan, and-"

"We know," replied a large grey tom. "They call themselves Tigerclan. It's the reason I've left."

Stonefur turned to Greystripe. "Yes. I only just escaped. Greystripe, he has your kits hostage."

"What? That flea ridden rogue! I'll, I'll,"

Firestar turned to his friend. "Calm down, Greystripe," and then turning back to Stonefur, "Ravenpaw has agreed to help. He should be hear any minute with Tallstar."


"As most of you know, we two clans have joined forces in order to survive without inter-clan fighting, which causes most of our strife. Why should we fight? If we joined together, there will be enough prey for everyone!"

Not much could be said to argue with Leapordstar's motivational speech. It was short, concise, and explained exactly why Riverclan was joining Shadowclan under the name of Tigerclan. Leapordstar leaped down from the boulder she was standing on, and Tigerstar took his place.

"And now, my friends, (I am glad I can call you friends as we are no longer enemies), to business. Thunderclan and Windclan have refused to join us. Because of this, some cats her may be feeling doubt. That, perhaps, Leapordstar and I cannot, in fact, lead the clans, and all the clans, to victory. Anyone who has doubt in their mind must be eliminated! And who has more doubt in their minds than the filthy blooded creatures, the half clans. Stained with disloyalty, who knows which clan they'll side with. And it may shock you to know that there are half clan cats right in this very camp!" Tigerstar nodded to Darkstripe. "Bring them."

Darkstripe grabbed two kits by the scruff, and nudged a third cat towards the boulder.

You know Mistyfoot. What you don't know is that she is the daughter of the recently deceased Bluestar!"

A ripple of surprise shook the clan.

"As for these miserable creatures," continued Tigerstar, gesturing to the kits. "You know that they are the kin of that filthy traitor, Greystripe! They will be executed at the next full moon, for all the clans to see!"

A group of cats walked into the hollow, almost silently. The one at the head, no bigger than an apprentice, spoke. "You had a proposition for me, Tigerstar?" he said, with obvious contempt on the last word.

"Ah, yes. Tigerclan, we have just been joined by Bloodclan, led by Scourge, who will aid us in the destruction of Thunderclan and Windclan."

Most of the clan shrank back at the sight of the Bloodclan cats. Scourge was tiny, but with a collar of teeth, and claws extended with teeth as well, not to mention the look of evil determination in his eyes, no cat had any doubt that this cat could kill without a thought.

"Tigerstar," spoke Scourge, "I'd be happy to help your cause, if only you weren't in it."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I have a score to settle. The forest will belong to Bloodclan, and Bloodclan alone!"

Lionclan (Wincon: Eliminate Tigerclan):

Firestar: He was once an kittypet named Rusty. One day, he wandered into the forest, and was immediately captivated by the idea of living there. With some hesitation, he was accepted into Thunderclan as Firepaw, due to his firey orange pelt. Little did he know, he was actually the subject of a prophecy. Fire alone can save our clan. He is now the leader of Lionclan, takes two hits/lynches to kill. He can also chose a cat to send a message to each night. Has BTSC with Greystripe and Ravenpaw.

Tallstar: Tallstar has always been rather amiable towards Thunderclan. The ties of friendship were sealed when Fireheart and Greystripe saved his clan. He is the leader of Windclan, and also a leader of Lionclan. Takes two hits/lynches to kill. He can copy one action each night. He can not copy the same action more than once.

Greystripe: Greystripe was an apprentice, Greypaw, when he was told to track a kittypet to assess his tracking skills. That kittypet was Rusty. Greypaw attacked Rusty, as he was told to, and Rusty, surprisingly enough, fought back rather than fleeing. Greystripe has been Firestar's friend ever since. Once, he met a Riverclan cat named Silverstream. They immediately fell in love, against the warrior code. After Silverstream died, Greystripe left Thunderclan to be with his kits in Riverclan. Unfortunately, Greystripe was driven out when Tigerstar took over Riverclan. Having left Riverclan, he is loyal to Firestar once more. Unfortunately, he trusts everyone, but everyone also trusts him. All actions on him will be redirected to the player of Greystripe's choice (and yes, he can choose himself). Has BTSC with Firestar and Ravenpaw.

Ravenpaw: Ravenpaw saw Tigerstar kill Redtail. Tigerstar has been threatening to kill him for a while now. It didn't help that Ravenpaw was Tigerstar's apprentice. Finding out the truth, Fireheart and Greystripe took him out of camp, and hid him on a farm, claiming to Tigerstar that he died. He is a loner (but a very smart one at that). He can ask the host (me) one yes/no question each night. Has BTSC with Greystripe and Firestar.

Cinderheart: After a crippling incident on the thunderpath unforeseen even by Starclan, Cinderpaw could not become a warrior. So, she became Yellowfang's apprentice. Unfortunately, she was never meant to be a medicine cat. Can save a player from any action. She can also choose to forfeit her action to instead consult Starclan about a players role (spy). In addition to her night action, she can make her vote count 0x, 1x or 2x.

Deadfoot: There is not much to say about Deadfoot. The deputy of Windclan, and very diplomatic. Can learn one player's faction each night.

Mudclaw: Mudclaw is incredibly loyal. He is hesitant to let anyone on Windclan territory, even to go to highstones. A vicious Windclan warrior. He can block a player.

Stonefur: Stonefur was the mentor of Stormpaw, one of Greystripe's kits. His sister, Mistyfoot, was the mentor of the other. Once Stonefur was exposed as being the child of Bluestar and Oakheart, therefore being half clan, he hand his family were taken hostage. Originally Riverclan, but after being exposed by Tigerstar as half-clan, he and his family are in danger. Has an RID kill. If he targets Darkstripe, even without guessing correctly, Darkstripe dies.

Tigerclan (BTSC and Nightkill) (Wincon: Be in the majority, and outlive Firestar):

Tigerstar: Originally Tigerclaw, of Thunderclan, but after a failed attempt at killing Bluestar in order to become leader, he was driven out. He only wants controll. Nothing more. Soon after, he took over a band of rogues, and took over Shadowclan. Now he is the leader of Tigerclan. Takes two hits/lynches to kill. He has an RID kill each night.

Leapordstar: Not quite the oldest (and not quite the wisest) of the clan leaders. She was the leader of Riverclan, but after being convinced by Tigerstar, she is now the second in command of Tigerclan (although he hopes to take down Tigerstar at some point and rule the clans alone). Can make her vote count 0x, 1x, or 2x in lynch.

Blackfoot: Blackfoot is the go-to deputy. That meaning, he just seems to be everycat's. He is Tigerstar's deputy. A firm supporter of Tigerstar's pure-blood madness, but only because he is loyal to his clan. He can spy on one player each night and learn their action.

Runningnose: Possibly the worst medicine cat ever. He can't even cure his own cold! Under Brokentail's rule, he was forced to make false prophecies that only foretold victory for Shadowclan. Now, he has no desire to see a war, but is bound by his loyalty to his clan. Having experience with false prophecies, he can add something to the night post.

Darkstripe: I don't know why Tigerstar trusts him. Darkstripe just fills up space (and performs the nightkill (until he dies, in which case someone else performs it (But that's only for the story))) and the moment Tigerstar dies, he will defect and join Bloodclan. Although Darkstripe was Tigerstar's biggest supporter in Thunderclan, and he stayed in Thunderclan as a spy after Tigerstar was banished.

Bloodclan (Wincon: Directly kill (at least) two of the clan leaders, and outlive the rest):

Scourge: He has a debt to repay. He wants his revenge. He is hardly bigger than an apprentice, but is the most feared cat in Twolegplace. He was originally a kittypet named Tiny, but after being traumatized by his siblings, he fled to live in the forest, to prove to himself that he was strong. Tigerstar (then Tigerpaw) was about to attack him, but Bluestar held Tigerpaw back. Scourge has since then sworn his revenge on the cats who drove him out of the forest. Ruthless. He can kill one player each night. He knows who the other Bloodclan cats are.

Bone: Scourge's unnoficial deputy. (Bloodclan was never very organized). Knows who Scourge is. He can make a guess as to who Tigerclan is going to kill, and can redirect the kill if he guesses right.

Darkstripe (after Tigerstar dies): Knows who Scourge is, and knows who is in Tigerclan, but cannot directly reveal anyone's identity. If he does, he dies at the end of the night/day. Can not be killed by Tigerclan

Host BlaBlah

1) Hirkala

2) Araver

3) Darth Legion

4) peace

5) benjer

6) Segul

7) Vineetrika

8) maurice

9) LJ

10) MissKitten

11) curr3nt

12) Panther

13) Glycereine

14) golfjunkie

15) Hallie15dancer


1) EDM



Sending out roles now.

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This seems super interesting. if I am reading it right the biggest threat comes from Tigerclan. It looks like bloodclan has to kill the leader of both the other clans AND be the last standing so at least initially I don't think we have to worry about them too much. Obviously could become a problem later on though.

also... that's alot of baddies. lol

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Yay, finally ... (Hosting is fun, but not more fun than playing)

@Glyc - there are 4 Clan Leaders ... check signups questions: 2 goodies + 2 baddies. 3 are hard to kill among those 4.

And the balance is somewhat weirder because 2 goodies and a baddie have an extra life *shrug*

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I still have problems remembering all of them, too many 'stars and 'stripes and 'foot. I'm gonna have to have some problems at first :(

My student taught me that stars are leaders and tooths are like seconds and they're born as kits or something like that... :unsure:

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Tigerclan having a spy and a RID kill is like having 2 kills. Very dangerous.

Tigerclan's spy only means that they find out who the target targeted. Not a role.

Day and Night end at 8:00 PM EST. This night will go on to 8:00 PM EST tomorrow.

Kits are kits.

Paws are apprentices.

Stars are leaders.

Anything else is a warrior/medicine cat.

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