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wait, glyc was bloodclan... unless you mean gj...

Umm, to minimize the risk of sounding like a poor sport I'll start with...

Still an awesome job, TC, especially GJ, who I allowed to woo me with his charm :wub: and skew my judgment.

What I'm referring to though is that either you should have died N3, since I killed you (what I was expecting) or N3 should have been my first hit. Blab explained that you didn't die because I was RID killed and that happened before I killed you. Fair enough. However, Glyc was also RID Killed, so he should not have been able to get a hit on me, N2. Which actually would have worked out better, because I would have killed you and still been alive to kill again :D.

Now that being said, there's no saying for sure how things would have turned out, so I'll repeat...good game TC. And LC, too for putting up a fight until it was obvious what would happen. And BC... :unsure: I guess both of you getting spied N1 really gave you no hope, but way to take it out on LC :angry:

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Good game, Tigerclan :thumbsup:

And congrats GJ for the "camouflage" ;)

@Maurice & Hirk - you are right, game would have been different. But not necessarily a LC win. Had Glyc not hurt Maurice and thus revealed he was a Leader, the TC would have chosen a different target the next night. The day-lynches would have been roughly the same. And Tallstar was not part of the TC WinCon either (I'm not trying to start a discussion on this)

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