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Long ago and far away

At the bottom of the sea...

There lived a tiny creature

Named Mini Fishy...

She swam all over the sea

Past that, into the ocean...

Swimming all around

'Wonder why she didn't get sick motion...

One day she met a fisherman

Who scared her half to death...

She tried to run away but couldn't

She was trapped fast instead...

Through sheer luck and good fortune

Although she screamed and cried...

She managed to chew through a net hole

And hid away and out of sight...

To this day she wanders

All torn up inside...

"Will the fisherman come again...?

And next time will I survive...???"...

what's the story about...???

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chicory is on the right track......all the other guesses are just too fishy.... ;):D

and no, it's got nothing to do with cartoons......(but maybe i should do one on it....hmm.... :) )

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a woman in an abusive relationship?

a woman escaped frm a serial killer?????

aha!!! both very close.....but i want it to be specific.....

try combining them to an extent....

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oops.....sorry, i forgot to post it...

A woman who escaped from her husband who tried to kill her.......

in other words.....a woman with a killer husband...

just got this from a news story.....:D

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