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not that but now you're getting somewhere.

a sail

hello there clinton - I certainly see where that fits with the riddle but not what I have in mind.

Line 2 and 7 don't seem to fit this but what the heck:

diaper? (familiar territory for me at the moment)

hey Shakee - think you could make an argument for line 7 and your answer. know how it is when you get something on your mind tho. but been a little while for me when that something is that huge. congrats.

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Yes indeed chicory, that is the thing/place/word for this riddle.

For starters you will find me - for (psuedosynonyms of key) starters (Legend, So central, Essential, Pivotal, Crucial, A little spot, Most needed) and starters like a car key

Legend has it oft misplaced - always seem to loose your keys

So central to this satire - and always seem to loose them when in a hurry

Essential when in haste - needed to drive/get out of town

Pivotal to catch the wind - that's wind like a wind up toy not as in wind bag

Crucial the perfect fit - pretty straight forward (double entendre)

A little spot pronounced - how you pronounce key or cay - uhh, not too good, sorry

Most needed you have to admit - double entendre - you must have to be admitted, as in be let in

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