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A little ladybug scampers

Up the flower's stalk

Nothing out of the ordinary

To make her fuss or balk

Then she takes a look up

And , oh what can be seen!

Why it's a little boy

With his watering canteen!

He dumps it on the flowers

Swooshing the ladybug to the ground

Now there's water and mud

and general muck all around

The ladybug resolves herself

To get back on that stem

She'll try one more time

She's determined to do it again

There's no stopping till

She makes it to the top

Then on the soft, warm petals

She'll joyfully drop

2nd metaphor in a while. still getting back into the swing of things. any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. other than that, have fun! happy riddling!!

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woot! woot! thanks deanna - always so enjoy your fantastic metaphors. and what a bonus to get one. it's been quite a while. nice one!

lots of fun, deanna, and i am eagerly awaiting the next one... :)

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