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Tpax...I totally blocled you nights 2 and 4. I was way off...lol....at least I was right about abhisk and slick, and eventually nae'blis. And I knew lis was a goodi. Had no clue about the rest of you. Jarze had me fooled.

Heh, night 2 i dreamed so it was ineffective, and night 4 you were redirected so my block went through against chrispin. Like I said I coin flipped...if i had blocked clozo, the kill against me would have failed. The night two attempt on me wasn't posted (but the failed attempts were on nights 1 and 3), but if the failed attempt on night 4 was posted we would have had been able to lynch clozo easily. That would have exposed clozo as Asen'gar, and then that would have meant GM was probably Nae'blis..

Meant to ask you what was it I said that made you think I was a baddie - so I can avoid it in the future?

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Well I have to say congrats to my fellow baddie partners, we did great on manipulating the actions... GM was having a blast redirecting, first abhisk and then some other people... :lol:

Tpax was very helpful when he got to be a baddie, he kind of replaced GM that was pretty busy the last couple of days.

I'd like to thank the hosts that did a great job in planning such a big and complex mafia. I'm gonna be honest and say that dealing with the names was a pain in the but, they were freaking complicated for me...

Oh and we got rid of tpax every time we had a chance because we know he'd start influencing the goodies sooner or later, so... Sorry tpax!

Once we got rid of tpax we started playing with your heads and we knew that if we gained majority we'd win... I tried hard to keep a low profile :P

Oh and yes, I admit we had a couple of players switched there at the end, but if it wasn't for that we might've gotten this pretty earlier... I had LIS from the moment he became inactive.... I know you're not "that" inactive LIS ;)

This was a very interesting game, it's been a while since I played in a big mafia and playing in this one was awesome....

Thanks again everyone, and I guess I'll see you around!

P.S. Congrats baddies! :D

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I could not get to a comp enough - when I dd nothing was happening. Have to say Clozo and slick were in my view all the time, no one else mentioned Clozo - wth!. Had big suspicions on JZ, playing blendy, but had nothing to call you on. Fun idea though and an interesting design - awkward and interesting BTSC with three baddies.

Brilliant first game their hosts

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