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knitting...??? baking....??? programming....??? repairing...???

You'll have to keep thinking ...

going from clues earlier im going to guess the answer has something to do with the wine making process. since its not the harvest part would it be the fermentation part?

Not that part either.

The widow cooking her recipes and drinking to much cherri'??

Have I tried...

No you haven't, & no, it's not.

As I mentioned before, Google &/or Wikipedia might be required to put the clues together ... ^_^:ph34r: if you're so inclined. ;)

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Sorry if it has already been guessed.

Not one of those, but ...

riddling- like the bottles need to be twisted or turned or the fortification of the wine

The 2nd one would not be correct. :ph34r:

Riddling ... the traditional method for removing sediment (lees = yeast remains & precipitated proteins) from Champagnes & sparkling wines after aging. (AKA remuage in French)

When my sister was visiting we took her to Domaine Chandon, & it got stuck in my head as needing its own riddle, had to get it out! Besides, it's quite *appropriate* for this forum, I think! ^_^

Neck - of the bottle

Widow - the young Veuve (Widow) Clicquot, who invented the process

Knife - metaphor-ish for removal or tool, whichever you like better ;)

Twist - the bottles 1/8 turn per day, & tap, to move sediment into the bottle neck

Gradual Path - over ~6-8 weeks, bottles go from 45 degree angle to nearly upside down

Strife - the process of disgorgement to remove the sediment from the bottle neck is somewhat violent

Absence of Wrath - such beverages usually used for celebration, "Cheers!"

For your further education - This process used to be done entirely by hand, riddlers would perform this task on thousands of bottles (per riddler!) per day. Now most places use machines that perform the same function, though a few still do it the old way.

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