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As a kid, one sees;

One's innocence is all they need

To find that what we want

Is not always what we seek

Danger; evil lurks everywhere

The worst of all....rarely there

But we know it so well

That even the smallest sign; it's there

Atleast that's what we think

Many are on the brink

Of finding the answer to why

Things like this make only some of us cry.....

this time....rel.req ,ok?

give reasons / explanation of title with your answer.......:D

Hope you enjoy this one in particular.......because I wont give any clues......not even 'closer to the answer' quotes....:D

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My 1st thought doesn't feel quite right, but lets give a it go.

Ghosts/Spirits. They say kids can see them. Also, 3rd verse says ".. make some us cry." Ghosts can also refer to memories, and some memories bring tear to some of our eyes... Of course eerie twist of life would be a possible existence after death... As far as rare and common, one could assume that ghosts themselves are common, but ghostly interactions amongst the living is quite rare indeed.

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i don't know how to react to this guess......so i'll just say no for now......:D

but good guess....:D

lol Sleep deprivation is great for thinking around corners.. too bad most are wrong turns :D

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Going from a kid, and "danger".....

Danger, Will Robinson... from 'Lost in Space'

I have a funny one now for ya...

:D nice one, but no....sorry


Here is a guess.

Stole my guess :P:ph34r:

Sorry. :P

Kind of fits the title though.

well....stolen or not.....that's not it.....:D

and if you're talking about the 'sixth' type.....then yes....it does fit the title a bit...:D :D

try again please...:D

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