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  1. I'm thinking confirm Aura's role. If she is Dumbledore then baddies still need 6 phases of success (with no loss) to win.

    Im not going to flip out like aura, but she IS right. :P

    "confirm" the only thing i would see challenging her is slicks vote for himself, and its 95% chance of him giving up. 99% even. no one has counter claimed. dumbledore is essentially a stone that cant be lynched, and would be in no harm outing him or herself. why not lynch slick? yes, i believe that aura is dumbledore, unless anon was. even then, if auras a baddie, theres no way of knowing what anon was because of ooc.

    so im curious - why do you want to change the lynch around? split the votes between someone who every one has theyre votes currently on, and wont change, and aura whos claiming to be dumbledore? whatever happened to not splitting the goodies?

    but yeah. basicly, im curious why you think we should do that. im not trying to accuse, but form where i stand, im confused. (hey, that kinda rhymed! :D )

  2. Araver had suggested that Slick be blocked. So why would baddies put the NK on him? Shadow, if the baddies picked Slick as the NK carrier before Araver suggested to block him would they be allowed to change their mind? Since NK died N2, N3 would have been an open pick for NK.

    Im not shadow, but as far as im concious of, you can change your answer until the deadline.

  3. RID kill>>block>>NK>>redirect>>spy

    Goodies: Wincon=eliminate baddies

    Harry--RID kill (kill only if he correctly IDs the target's role)


    Hermione--role spy

    Dumbledore--can't be lynched

    Colin--follow spy (sees target of action only)

    4 other people who get turned to stone--vanilla

    Slick is:

    not colin (b/c block), could be harry, but then he probably would be defending himself more.

    not ron/hermione

    not dumbledore (aura claimed dumbledore, and i have no reason to not believe her.)

    Im voting for slick.

    JK Rowling: Shadow7

    Random House: Akriti

    1. Peace - voting for Slick

    2. nox - dead; RIDed by Harry N2 and revealed as Basilisk

    3. Aaryan - dead; lynched D1 and found to be Hermione

    4. Anon26 - killed by Baddies

    5. yoDell

    6. Thalia

    7. Chaits

    8. Q-Cumber - lynched D2 and found to be Riddle

    9. Slick

    10. Araver - voting for Slick

    11. KlueMaster (EDM)

    12. Auramyna

    13. Curr3nt (Segul)

    edit: stupid quote tags :P

  4. Hey I was trying not to give that away. It's best if you've forgotten that there will be a song by the time the song begins.

    Not this one then?

    oops :P

    and you win...that song...

    you win :P

  5. Im going to admit, this is my making sure tht i dont die if it goes into a tie from riddle

    NK Rowling: Shadow7

    Random House: Akriti

    1. Peace - voting for Q-Cumber

    5. yoDell - voting for Q-Cumber

    6. Thalia - voting for Peace

    7. Chaits - voting for Peace

    8. Q-Cumber

    9. Slick - voting for Q-Cumber

    10. Araver - voting for Chaits

    11. EDM

    12. Auramyna - voting for Q-Cumber

    13. Segul

    2. nox - dead; RIDed by Harry N2 and revealed as Basilisk

    3. Aaryan - dead; lynched D1 and found to be Hermione

    4. Anon26 - killed by Baddies

  6. Peace's post that rubbed me the wrong way in particular is this:

    She is slightly defending Nox, but clearly delimiting herself if Nox flips baddie.

    So, I'm going with Peace ... all the way, even if she does not respond.

    @Chaits - hello. If I may say, dropping in exactly after I said: "What's next, Chaits coming on and dropping another vote on Q? Cause this is exactly what happened in D1 on Aaryan. " ... that is a terrible timing.

    But since your vote is not on Q, but on Peace. So if Peace flips bad, I could count you as a likely Ginny.

    Of course if there is an apparent tie, yet the day post will not feature a tie, we will have Riddle narrowed down.

    im trying to rationalize. if he hit nox as a very important baddie, why did he switch? the role didnt come out by then, so i was guessing. if he did hit nox, why didnt he stay with it, now we know who he is? i dont htink thats defending. i was trying to think why aa would switch.

  7. hey. srry,. :/

    @Peace - in case you do come, the pressure is for you to answer these two questions:

    1) Why no vote in D1, especially retreating your vote on Thalia when Aaryan had 4 votes on him? And why not actually pressuring anyone or saying anything in D1?

    And please don't give me that limited IRL time

    2) Why this post: during N2? Why defending Nox during the Night?

    1) have this thing where i always worry that im going to kill the wrong person. Its one of those things that i thought "well - aaryan has a lot of votes on him. if hes a baddie, yay for us! but if hes a goodie, then i dont want to be responsible." i know. stupid logic but thats how i think

    2) i was wondering out loud. i was wondering why he would switch. If he spied nox, youd think he would stick with what he knew. i was trying to rationalize why he would switch.

    But he wouldnt be able to spy if the baddies targetted him.... You don't make a great deal of sense with some of your posts. I dont want to look like im bandwagoning but peace is most suspicious to me at the moment.

    Re- inactivity, i voted and posted on D1. I don't have a night action so only just checked back in. I dont want to be the deciding voter. It makes it hard when ppl give weird lacksadaisical defences. I take bad logic as being a baddie, probably wrongly.

    On my phone so could some1 add my vote to peace. .

    true, but isnt that better than being dead? my point was why not stay alive even one more round? o.O I dont understnad why that doesnt make sence. sorry. :/

    ok. im ron. now, im going to assume with one unknown death, that if anyone was ron, theyd say it now. cause theres 2 options:

    1) no one says it. you culd say anon was ron, but out of 13 people? im not claiming to be a vanilla.

    2) someone says they're ron. im linched. the baddied will prob. win anyways, but either way, at least you have a baddie right there.

    n1: i blocked edm. as someone who didnt have anything to go on, i blocked edm because she was saying that she was never a baddie. but she was a liquid. i know, its another mafia, but as someone with nothing to go on, i just chose that. :P

    n2: i blocked nox. my action didnt show up, and i pmed shadow to ask why. its because of ooc - there was no one there to block.

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