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  1. **note: i didn't make this riddle up. I saw it, and i saw the answer and i liked it. :)

    A married leader and a single slave
    The toothless elder now gone to his grave
    The death for which the younger took the blame
    Committed by the one he could not name
    They've ten between them, ten that do not see
    Now name the leader and his enemy.

    It's a Harry Potter riddle

    This is relevant to the second book.

    The basilisk and Aragog (Hagrid's spider)

    "Aragog married Mosag and now leads the spiders in the forest. The basilisk lived alone and worked for the heir of Slytherin.
    Aragog's still alive, but the basilisk was killed by Harry and lost a tooth in the process.
    Aragog was blamed for Myrtle's death and refused to tell Hagrid that it was really the basilisk.
    And Aragog has eight eyes, which have gone blind with old age, while the basilisk had two which were pecked out by Fawkes."
  2. Personally, i find it both dangerous and freeing. Trusting people on the internet is something that has never been a problem for me, although i would never meet up with someone alone and without knowing who they are.

    My name is Jenny. This is not an alias, and I'm perfectly fine with using my own name. I use it often. I trust a lot of people on the internet with my personal information. Im friends with a lot of denizens on fb.

    However, i dont think any of them know my address. They could, I'm sure, but I know who I friend. I make sure theres a life behind the profile.

    In the end, i believe in the right of it. But its a power that has to be wielded carefully. Trust wisely.

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  3. Typical Slick. :lol: Wasn't there a mega-huga one Peace had?

    oh wow. its a combination of the blonde the brunette and the redhead going to the warehouse...


    ready, aim, fire

    ...the blonde, the brunette and the redhead going up a set of stairs while god told them a joke...

    i just got the first joke!

    ...and the blonde brunette and the redhead eating 100 of their favorite fruit


    ...ill attempt to write it out later :)

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  4. take pictures of your roommate while they sleep, and then slowly put them in her school books, adding more and more with each day.

    while shes at classes, sign onto her computer and leave it on porn or some weird image.

    speak about yourself in 3rd person

    narrate everything you do.

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  5. New round signups:

    1. Thalia

    2. Peace


    4. 'Cat'astrophe



    **does anyone know when this will start? cause ill be in W. DC for a week starting wednesday...and i may be limited computer wise.

  6. Poor little Herbie. Since his birth, poor blind Herbie had never seen the light of day. One day at bedtime, his mother told him that the next day would be a very special one. If he prayed extra hard to Jesus, he'd be able to see when he woke up the next morning.

    Eagerly, Herbie crouched down on his knees beside his bed andput his hands together. For hours, he prayed and prayed to Jesus.

    The next morning Herbie's mother came into his room and gently woke him from his sleep.

    "Well Herbie, open your eyes and you'll know that Jesus answered your prayers."

    Little Herbie slowly opened his eyes, only to cry out, "Mother! Mother! I STILL CAN'T SEE!"

    "I know, dear," said his mother. "APRIL FOOL!"



    Q: What does an orthodox Muslim who eats ham sandwiches need?

    A: Mo' ham ed.

  7. ~Never do your homework during study hall, they stay up after lights out doing hw...every...single...night

    ~Never clean your room

    ~get a stuffed animal of a bear or dog, and pet it on your lap, saying "good kitty, good kitty"

    ~be tawkinz en lawl caht speke, all deh tiem, n me-ow erry nou n agaaan

    ~Or Yoda, Like him Talk.

  8. I used an instrumental and my own voice to make this; I know I'm not a good singer, but this gives an idea of how the song sounds. I also added onto the lyrics a bit to match it up to the real song. I didn't change puzzlegirl's lyrics, however.


    this is awesome! does anyone maybe want to rewrite it? blade doesnt come on much anymore... :/ Oh, how this brings back memories... :P

    I second that motion! :P I love that song. It's on my top 5 list.


    Rainbow Trololol I love this so much.

    ...my roomates looking at me weirdly, but its totally worth. o.o I LOVE THIS

  9. *sighs* here we go...

    ~If a kids scared of the monsters, hes an alien

    ~If the enemies give in easily, they actually have your baby and the one you have is actually made of good.

    ~If its a nice day out side and you voice is echo-ey, your actually in a space ship and have just been kissed

    ~The answer is a. to either reverse the polarity or b. its a perception filter

    ~giant sissors will not protect you against giant dolls

    ~Always push big, bright buttons

    ~Shouting tell me everything! when vampires are chasing you does not work

    ~vampires are actually space fish...that can float

    ~glasses should either be 3D or cameras


    ~If santas are following you with musical instruments, get away from your christmas tree

    ~The device that will open a device built to contain the most dangerous thing in the universe will NOT open a wooden door

    ~Tea is always the answer

    ~Dont drink coffee if a guy offers it to you

    ~dont get your palm read is someone offers to do it for free

    ~the technology to kill the aliens will only work once the aliens start to leave

  10. oh this is awesome! my roomates about 4 feet to my left right now (mwahaha!)

    ~eat something like cake, and when she asks where you got it, shrug and say "the garbage in teh hall" and keep eating it yet.

    ~tell her that you have a pet monkey and that you walk it on a leash (my friend did this at our sit-down table yesterday. it was hilarious because people kept saying "I cant tell if your joking or not. then we got into a discussion about animal cruelty).

    ~put a rubber snake/spider in her bed

    ~When shes almost asleep, tell her you think you saw a spider crawling around on the ceiling before (if shes on top bunk) or a mouse on her bed (if shes on bottom bunk)

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