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  1. *sighs* here we go...

    ~If a kids scared of the monsters, hes an alien

    ~If the enemies give in easily, they actually have your baby and the one you have is actually made of good.

    ~If its a nice day out side and you voice is echo-ey, your actually in a space ship and have just been kissed

    ~The answer is a. to either reverse the polarity or b. its a perception filter

    ~giant sissors will not protect you against giant dolls

    ~Always push big, bright buttons

    ~Shouting tell me everything! when vampires are chasing you does not work

    ~vampires are actually space fish...that can float

    ~glasses should either be 3D or cameras


    ~If santas are following you with musical instruments, get away from your christmas tree

    ~The device that will open a device built to contain the most dangerous thing in the universe will NOT open a wooden door

    ~Tea is always the answer

    ~Dont drink coffee if a guy offers it to you

    ~dont get your palm read is someone offers to do it for free

    ~the technology to kill the aliens will only work once the aliens start to leave

  2. oh this is awesome! my roomates about 4 feet to my left right now (mwahaha!)

    ~eat something like cake, and when she asks where you got it, shrug and say "the garbage in teh hall" and keep eating it yet.

    ~tell her that you have a pet monkey and that you walk it on a leash (my friend did this at our sit-down table yesterday. it was hilarious because people kept saying "I cant tell if your joking or not. then we got into a discussion about animal cruelty).

    ~put a rubber snake/spider in her bed

    ~When shes almost asleep, tell her you think you saw a spider crawling around on the ceiling before (if shes on top bunk) or a mouse on her bed (if shes on bottom bunk)

  3. 6 - hours of endless fun...no seriously, its kind of a hobby

    19 - done all the time, accidentally.

    44 & 45 - quite an easy way to annoy family if done next to them in public ;)

    50 - that is amazing. i eat all the mints before im seated anyways

    68 - i shall make one

    69 - as. much. as. possible. dragging your sister along is an added bonus

    70 - annoys my sister (and me) to no end, which is why we do it to each other

    76 - i do that, but then eat the end separately. if doing #76, it is advised to watch your parent's faces if you want a funny reaction (at least mine sometimes)

    81 - will do that. it sounds fun. :)

    82 - we have them up year round outside :D

    83 - i may actually do when im older...sounds fun :D

    93 - is done on my family. they're kinda used to it now...

    94 - ...or just stare at the tv and say "preeeeety colorrrsssssss" every 30 seconds. (guilty)

    95 - done with my iPod, all around the house. constantly. especially if ive just gotten the song

    97 - done as much as possible. however, my family can go without blinking longer than i can, so /shrugs/

    101 - is DEFINITELY annoying. ive been on the receiving end. :/ ("mom...who are they?" "i have no idea")

  4. Hey I was trying not to give that away. It's best if you've forgotten that there will be a song by the time the song begins.

    Not this one then?

    I just downloaded a mixtape from gmad and these songs were on it:

    roll it up

    fade away (420)

    dear weed

    smoke my weed


    smoking section

    so high

    high x times


    overdose V2

    ^^thats almost half of the mixtape...

    so yeah, if we need anymore ideas ;)

  5. but it's still dangerous.

    Road Runner and Tweety might wanna save peace.


    this is why im horrible at mafia...i dont think.

    dont know what else i could have said. i tried to hint. and i tried to limit it down.

    but i should have waited. *another headdesk*

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