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  1. Shoot Sorry, whats the value for?
  2. Panther

    The investment Game

    My derivative not worth anything? Or did DUCK fall on day 11? Anyway, well done to those who won, I hardly did anything all game anyway
  3. Round 5 Sign-ups Eastern Army 1. Framm 2. Phil 3. Western Army 1. Jay 2. Panther 3.
  4. You actually made the right choice Flame, he was going to switch it but missed the deadline - had he switched like he meant to, you would have saved a goodie
  5. Great game everyone, thanks for playing And you were a great host, Y-san
  6. Sorry Vommack, there was no particular reason - it was essentially a random vote. I didn't want to vote for kingofpain until we had discussed it more It was only to provoke discussion Vommack and Flamebirde - I hope you have been paying attention and realise that trusting kikacat might not be your best option - from what I can see, kikacat and Kingofpain are baddies. I reckon kika is only turning against Kingofpain because he knows it's pretty obvious to us all that kop is a baddie, and voting for someone else might put him a bad light. Instead, he tries to turn us against each other, and is probably planning to use Klarion's vote switch to save Kingofpain again if we vote for him I can't quote very well on my iPod, but kikacat said - If I (kikacat) were a baddie, why would I vote a baddie out? My reply - because it makes you look better in the eyes of everyone else, and, as Klarion is clearly still alive, you can switch him out anyway. I agree with flame and vommack, that kop is a baddie (I was leaning that way earlier, but I wasn't sure, hence my vote for vommack) Could someone please change my vote to Kingofpain Thanks
  7. Well balls... there goes the one person I was practically sure of being good :/ It could be a coincidence, but perhaps the baddies are trying to target those I was confident in? Hmmm... Still not sure about Kingofpain, but his excuse could be valid - it's a long shot, but it is possible... I'm going to go ahead and start the vote on Vommack, and see what has happened when I am able to check this again (in about 12 hrs-ish) Could someone please add my vote? Thanks
  8. And why would you suddenly state that, Kikacat? That sudden statement combined with Flamebirde's rather ineffective one of 'you can't lynch me, so you may as well not try' isn't exactly helping either of you in my eyes... My vote stands for now. What say you, Vommack? Not heard from you over the whole Kingofpain/Flamebirde argument recently Edit - Just so you guys know, if I don't post anything else, I have probably fallen asleep (I'm nodding off here )
  9. I apologise for not leaving any hints, but, as someone (I think it was Shadow) has already said, we need to be careful not to let Klarion or Lex Luthor know them :/ As for my vote, I am unsure... I have a feeling that Shadow is trustworthy, and she seems to trust dee_tot, but I dunno I have no idea about flamebirde, and I'm sorta sitting on the fence with kingofpain. He seems like either a goodie, or a pretty clever baddie. With regards to dee_tot, I thought he tried a little hard to hint at his role - was it a clever ploy on his part? In that case, is Shadow in on it? Overall, I am most suspicious of dee_tot, flamebirde (cause I know nothing about him lol), then maybe kikacat... I am most inclined to trust Shadow, and the others are somewhere in between... 1. Aaryan - REMOVED [Vandal Savage] 2. Panther voting for Flamebirde 3. dee_tot - voting for Kingofpain 4. Kikacat123- voting for Kingofpain 5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 6. Vommack - voting for Kingofpain 7. Kingofpain - voting for Flamebirde/Panther 8. Flamebirde - voting for Kingofpain 9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched 10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 11. ShadowAngel7 - voting for Flamebirde For now, I will trust Shadow and vote for Flame, if only to provoke a response - and if i don't get back on in time to see any replies and change my vote accordingly, it won't change the result anyway Also, if someone could fix the colours please, I'm on my iPod and it hates colours on BD
  10. Sorry for being inactive folks, I'm at an engineering/physics week thing at a nearby university, and I've been doing so much that I completely forgot about this for a bit Gimme some time to read over and I'll say something more relevant Also, could someone remind me when the day ends please, I don't wanna miss it
  11. Guys... I don't actually think there's any other role he could claim that would fit the facts and take the heat off him.. hence his lack of defense There's literally nothing else he can do. So unless he pulls something amazing that I haven't thought of out of his a**, imma relax, leave my vote alone, and go celebrate the removal of a baddie from the game
  12. Watchtower: Y-san Roster: 1. Aaryan 2. Panther- voting for Aaryan 3. dee_tot 4. Kikacat123 5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 6. Vommack 7. Kingofpain - voting for Aaryan 8. Flamebirde 9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched 10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 11. ShadowAngel7- voting for Aaryan I apologise for not believing you at first, Vommack, I was just a little suspicious :/
  13. Oops, I completely forgot about that :/ No On the contrary, all I meant was that, although our kill role being lynched was a bad thing, it was not quite as bad as it seemed... you know, a sort of inspiring the troops, all is not lost kinda speech
  14. @dee_tot, fair enough, I suppose On the face of it, the lynch doesn't seem great, (our kill role lynched) but if you think about it, he was inactive, and now, assuming Artemis is active, she gets to kill instead - meaning we will actually get a kill in I think that logic makes sense... correct me if i missed something lol Edit - Assuming, of course, that Araver wasn't Artemis... :/
  15. Any proof, Vommack? Watchtower: Y-san Roster: 1. Aaryan 2. Panther - voting for Vommack 3. dee_tot - voting for Aaryan 4. Kikacat123-voting for dee_tot 5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light" 6. Vommack - voting for Aaryan 7. Kingofpain 8. Flamebirde - voting for Minesweeper 9. Minesweeper 10. MikeD - voting for Vommack 11. ShadowAngel7 - voting for kingofpain There can't be that much to go on after just 1 night, and I find it kinda suspicious that dee_tot seemingly instantly trusted you... Not trying to cause anything here, just stating my observations
  16. Panther

    The investment Game

    Long derivative on DUCK
  17. This might be a silly question, but what are the win cons? I have looked, honest...
  18. Panther

    Newbie Mafia

    I'll sign up too, but maybe you should make an actual sign-up thread?
  19. Panther

    The investment Game

    Of course... Whoops In that case: Cancel all previous purchases Buy 3000 DUCK
  20. Panther

    The investment Game

    Buy 20000 ASRE Buy 300 CRAK
  21. Watchtower: Y-san Roster: 1. Aaryan 2. Panther 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  22. You think this would run at mm?
  23. Panther

    The investment Game

    1. Molly Mae 2. Panther 3. Flamebirde 4. Kingofpain 5. phil1882 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  24. Panther

    The investment Game

    Floating derivatives? Sign me up... Sign up - Round 2 1. 2. Panther 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (Err... what's a floating derivative? )
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