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  1. Just in case, I'm going to warn you this time I'm going away for a week, I should have signal this time but I can't be certain, so if I disappear for a week you know why Sorry if it disrupts the game :/
  2. 1) phil1882 2) Panther (And mine too )
  3. What happens in the case of a tie in the day vote (As clearly you cannot just kill off the tie-maker like you do in normal Mafias )
  4. Looks fun Host: Y-san Roster: 1. BMAD 2. Panther 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  5. Damn it :/ Forgot to tell you I was away hiking for a few days, and I had no signal when I got there to let you know And I knew where the last bullet was too... Ah well, good game anyway Framm
  6. Framm's turn to shoot or pass. Bwahahaha! I am still alive Although the suspense nearly killed me - damn you and your spoilers Y-san
  7. Pass Framm: 5 Panther: 10
  8. Shoot, as per my post above
  9. Edit - I fixed the table, but Y-san posted at the same time Shoot
  10. Pass Table: Framm: 4 Panther: 6 Shouldn't that last pass have costed you 3, leaving you at 4, not 5?
  11. Pass Table: Framm: 1 Panther: 2
  12. Ahem... I was not powerplayed??
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