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  1. BURNT = 0

    ?HA?? is proven

    Thus the remaining point from BHAJI must have come from the J or the I. So -


    THONG recieved only 1 point which we now know came from the H, so the T in THAGI will be awarded no points.

    H and A are proven. Thus,

    If THAGI = 2, ?HAJ? = true as changing the J (from BHAJI) to G gave -1.

    If THAGI = 3, ?HA?I = true as changing the J to G gave no change, thus the undefined point must have been from the I.

    If THAGI = 4, ?HAGI = true as changing the J to G gave +1, and the other point must be from the I/

  2. :o Slick!!! What did you DO??? :o

    I guess he went with 'Earth' for 'World', and maybe 'showed me' instead of 'realize'... I love how it turned from Pluto, the dwarf planet, into Pluto, Mickey's friend :D

  3. SPENT

    SMILE = 0____________SPENT

    BURNT = 0___________SPENT

    ?H??? is proven_______SPENT

    Thus if SPENT = 1, ?HE?? is true, as the third letter is the only one that could have contributed to the point

  4. I think that was kind of a special case. Regeneration will remain in place, but likely won't be as high. I don't think the same end-game situation will happen.

    Sounds good :D I agree with MikeD, it did go on a little long last time :)

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