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  1. @Panther - check out my gender pls ;) ...

    Er... Oops :blush: Sorry, I never thought to check ^_^

    And, why everyone vote for meeeeeeeeeeeeee :'(

    I can't even claim that I am definitely an innocent civilian, because none of us know... dang it, Y-san :dry::P

  2. Wow :o I leave for a few hour and come back to 4 votes on my name?? Dang :P

    I really have nothing to say, there are no actions that I can really comment on, so.....

    Since Yodell seems to think there's something wrong with cake and/or pi, I am very tempted to simply vote for him :P

    But, as a show of good faith (and somewhat due to the fact that I need to get into his good books if I want to survive this lynch ;)) i'm going to go ahead and vote for Hirk, since I haven't seen him say much - if anything - yet. Reason being that in inactive is better than a random vote. Sorry bud, come and say something to make me change my mind :D


    1. Hirkala

    2. Framm 18 - voting for Yodell

    3. MikeD - voting for Mewminator

    4. EDM :D- voting for MIKI

    5. Flamebirde - voting for Panther

    6. mew - voting for Hirkala

    7. Panther - voting for Hirkala

    8. Thalia

    9. ShadowAngel

    10. Aaryan - voting for Panther

    11.TheCube B)) - voting for Panther (due to PRESSURE of course!)

    12.Yodell - voting for Panther

    13. MiKi

  3. LARDS

    If 3, ??RDS = true as changing K to D (from LARKS) gave +1

    If 2, ?ER?S = true as changing K to D did nothing, so the extra point in NERDS was not from the D.

    NARIS = 2, must have come from the R and the S, so N???? = 0, thus the extra point in NERDS must be from the E.

  4. LURES

    LARKS = 2 from the R and the S so not L?R?S

    SHRED = 1 from the R so not ??RES

    Thus if LURES = 3, the third point must have come form the U, thus ?UR?S = true.

  5. SHRED

    If SHRED gets one more than SHREW, then ????D = true, as the only difference is *shamelessly steals phrase* the whole D and W thing.

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