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  1. Here's mine :D

    Insert Phrase

    Insert Phrase

    I'm not a crazy person, I'm a large scale civil schizophrenic!

    I am not a lunatic. I am a well behaved person with multiple personalities!

    I am not always a lunatic. I am a well behaved clown with multiple personalities!

    Instead of being a psychopath, I am a creepy performer with tons of livelihoods.

    In place of existing as a crazy person, I happen to be an odd showman who has many ways to ensure survival.

    Instead of living like a mad man, I am a strange performer with many talents to guarantee continued existence.

  2. @Panther- Umm. I think I get what you did. Might just be me but when I see red letters I assume that you are saying they have been eliminated and it took me a while to figure out what was going on with the "a" in "table" along with the other two letters. So if I give you some nonsense about incorrect logic in the future, that might be the reason. So. . . sorry in advance if that happens!

    Sorry if it was confusing for you :) I used red to show the letters, of the words that had already been said, that made up my guess - leaving out one that I was changing (The 'L'). Is there another way you would rather I displayed my logic that would be easier for you to see?

  3. Host: ShadowAngel

    1. Flamebirde
















    17. Panther






    I'm still up for it if anyone else is.

    Of course :D You don't think I'd abandon this awesome-looking mafia, do you? :P

    I do hope we get enough though, I'm really looking forward to this :D

  4. I really wish I was smart enough to figure this out, but I'm not :( I don't suppose there are any hints for people like me that have no idea where to start? :P

    Edit - Those two abouve posts were not there when I wrote this :dry: Gimme some time to look at the doc :D

  5. Some questions :)

    1. Why the 'only 2 coins if oppositions is dead' rule?

    2. Would the trophies do anything or would they simply be collectibles?

    3. Some abilities would be kinda cool. Maybe a choice, or a random ability is given to each player at the start?

    Gimme some time and I'm sure I can come up with some new items if you want :D

    Also, it would be nice if the games could last a fair amount of time (I don't know how long this round will last yet obv) so as to give lots of time to strategise and gain enough money to buy high end gear in the shop. Stuff like the ring that halves shop prices is good because it introduces a bit of thought into the purchases, i.e 'Do I buy this awesome sword??' 'Or do I save a little more money and buy the cost-cutting ring??'

    Edit - What do you mean by live?

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