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  1. Well... that went absolutely nothing like what I thought it would... did you get the hp wrong at the end?

    Edit - Wait nvm it's the hp recharge lol

  2. Here ya go Panth (and any1 else interested)

    There are too many posts to trawl through to find the references, but the game has evolved slightly from its inception.

    A brief summary (from what I remember. If there are other things worth mentioning, please say so):

    No proper nouns (obviously words like FRANK would be allowed as it has an alernative meaning)

    No foreign words (unless they've made it into the English or American dictionaries)

    When using 'logick', the logic must be complete. eg. if the words and scores are as follows:

    BROWN - 1

    TRAMP - 1

    CRUSH - 1

    GREAT - 1

    it's not enough to say that R must be 2nd as it's common to all words (BLAST would give the same scores in the eg)

    'Logick' must be 'mathematical', not 'lexical'. It's not acceptable to say "no words start with KX, so the only letter that will fit is...."


    5 points for each correctly logicked letter. Person who guesses word correctly gets 5pts for each remaining letter plus 5pts bonus.

    Host gets 1pt for each incorrect guess, up to but not including the correct guess.

    In the event of an incorrect logick, the host gets 5 points (though, personally, I think it would be fairer if the guesser received -5pts)

    Thanks for that Fab, that saves us hunting through all those pages :D

    I guess I should change my guess then, seeing as it was a proper noun.

    Let's try PLUMP

  3. sorry : not on topic .. but I cannot help myself :

    How come your nickname is Panther but you have a fox as an avatar ? :D

    Because foxes are awesome! :P

    Really, I did have a panther a while ago, but I like to change it up a bit so it doesnt always look the same :D

    I'll START this time. :P

    What are you starting? There doesn't seem to be a word to guess yet :P

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