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  1. Musta put a few points into speed...
  2. Panther

    One Up Me

    What happens in Scotland? Well... it rains
  3. I've messaged them just incase they forgot
  4. C'mon person Maybe you should message them if you haven't already Molly
  5. Panther


    TARTS If 2, then T???? as changing P to T gave +1 If 0, then P???? as changing P to T gave -1
  6. Panther

    One Up Me

    That would seem more impressive if it was cake
  7. Godamnit guys, you are terrible at lynching the right people I was out all day, or I would've outed my role as a last ditch attempt Ah well, have fun
  8. Bump?? No one seems to want to play this
  9. Er... Oops Sorry, I never thought to check And, why everyone vote for meeeeeeeeeeeeee :'( I can't even claim that I am definitely an innocent civilian, because none of us know... dang it, Y-san
  10. But... Y-san did say that she doesn't give out hints
  11. Wow I leave for a few hour and come back to 4 votes on my name?? Dang I really have nothing to say, there are no actions that I can really comment on, so..... Since Yodell seems to think there's something wrong with cake and/or pi, I am very tempted to simply vote for him But, as a show of good faith (and somewhat due to the fact that I need to get into his good books if I want to survive this lynch ) i'm going to go ahead and vote for Hirk, since I haven't seen him say much - if anything - yet. Reason being that in inactive is better than a random vote. Sorry bud, come and say something to make me change my mind Roster: 1. Hirkala 2. Framm 18 - voting for Yodell 3. MikeD - voting for Mewminator 4. EDM - voting for MIKI 5. Flamebirde - voting for Panther 6. mew - voting for Hirkala 7. Panther - voting for Hirkala 8. Thalia 9. ShadowAngel 10. Aaryan - voting for Panther 11.TheCube - voting for Panther (due to PRESSURE of course!) 12.Yodell - voting for Panther 13. MiKi
  12. "She'll be fine," says Loki, somewhat uncertainly, as he grabs one of the weapons and follows MiKi.
  13. Panther


    THINE If 0, ????G = true as changing G to E gave -1 If 2, ????E - true as changing G to E gave +1
  14. Panther


    LARDS If 3, ??RDS = true as changing K to D (from LARKS) gave +1 If 2, ?ER?S = true as changing K to D did nothing, so the extra point in NERDS was not from the D. NARIS = 2, must have come from the R and the S, so N???? = 0, thus the extra point in NERDS must be from the E.
  15. Panther


    LURES LARKS = 2 from the R and the S so not L?R?S SHRED = 1 from the R so not ??RES Thus if LURES = 3, the third point must have come form the U, thus ?UR?S = true.
  16. "The cake is a lie!!" Aside from that, It has been a while since i've played mafia... does the night or the day come first? And if night, can we send in actions yet?
  17. Panther


    SHRED If SHRED gets one more than SHREW, then ????D = true, as the only difference is *shamelessly steals phrase* the whole D and W thing.
  18. Panther


    1. Brainiac100 2. akaslickster 3. Panther 4. 5.
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