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  1. Gambit

    Yes i'm withdrawing aswell. Sorry Probey but this game is moving way to slowly...
  2. Gambit

    btw, did you make-up this one on your own?
  3. Gambit

    Howzit Probey. Why dont you give us a 24 hour window to give you an answer to each challenge? After which you give us the answer to the challenge and a new challenge. i think it'll make the game alot more exciting...
  4. Gambit

    How's that for a long shot?
  5. Gambit

    ok ive answered
  6. Gambit

    wait. so you've eaten raw potatoes??
  7. Gambit

    The sun is a star so technically speaking “the sun” is a possible ans. right? <_<
  8. Gambit

    we do know it's name though.. <_<
  9. Gambit

    another shot in the dark...
  10. Gambit

    yeah sorta like a general knowledge question
  11. Gambit

    yeah but it makes more sense to me than these other words. just need to find a definition for it now
  12. Gambit

    yeah Wikipedia gives those exact definitions. I would of thought it would be that word from Mary Poppins. What was it again? <_<
  13. Gambit

    Howzit? Yeah I am proudly South African. The first coloureds were the children of white and black couples. I think this is the reason that most coloureds are able to speak English as well as zulu or Afrikaans(mix of Dutch and English). They’re fun pretty fun to have around. It’s quite a nice combination so you should take it as a compliment that ppl here considered you coloured … Most of the time it’s us Indians that ppl joke about. Its kewl though most people don’t take any offense. Cheers,
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