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  1. Gambit

    nice1! Where i'm from we have 4 main racial groups. Black, White, Indian(thats me) and Coloured. Is the term coloured derogatory in some places?
  2. Gambit

    nice. those all seem right but how did you get #7 [spoiler='# 7 ']I only managed to get Citi_ Kane
  3. Gambit

    ok i get it now thanx
  4. Gambit

    how did you figure that one? I'm not seeing it. ok i know how you got "God" but not "father"?
  5. Gambit

    not to sure how this works exactly...
  6. Gambit

    yeah thats what I was thinkin'
  7. Gambit

    thanx. that makes sense now...
  8. Howzit norm To move Qa5 you would have to move the Pawn in c7... I've only managed to get to Checkmate in 5 moves so far. hope someone posts the ans soon
  9. Gambit

    ok if it is coal then who's the new guy that doesn't smell and taste nice? <_< "althought a new guy more clean and private has taken up my place althought if you ask me he has a horrid stink and taste "
  10. Sorry Rookie, I dont fully understand? Did you mean move Pawn g5 instead of moving Qf4? If you did then the king will be able to avoid Checkmate by moving Kh5
  11. nope. sorry thats very wrong. i'll try again later.
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