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  1. Exactly. Having to turn around makes the difference between 67 or 68 total steps for the firefighter, but the nurse still wins either way. Now, if they had traveled 204 feet (102 each way), that would be different - they would tie.
  2. HoustonHokie

    All in all, I don't think I'd call it easy peasy... Nice... Finally!
  3. HoustonHokie

    I thought they might, too - but I guess they've left this one alone. Actually, I've still got a little snag, or I would finish it up. Obviously, one of the missing pieces was a method to bisect one side of the triangle, which we've got a procedure for now.
  4. And especially thanks for the final pieces to a puzzle that's bugged me for four months now. Way to go
  5. HoustonHokie

    I think we can finally get there... It takes a while, but we can get there. Check out the answer to this topic: Going around in circles, but getting where you want to go. The elusive bisection of a line using only a compass is solved, and I think that's all we were missing here
  6. HoustonHokie

    yeah - there's a ton
  7. HoustonHokie

    Three questions: 1. Does the phrase "at the next four minutes" indicate that the uncle is referring to the next even increment of 4 minutes (i.e., 12:04, 12:08, 12:12, etc.) or does it mean four minutes from the current time? 2. Do you mean whole minutes/seconds, or do you consider the decimal portion of those numbers as well? 3. Are the two hands in referred to the hour and minute, or the minute and second?
  8. I think you have the distance between Bernard's house and the meeting point as 1 mile, but the distance between that meeting point and Chuck's house is larger than 1 mile, which doesn't agree with the above point from the OP.
  9. I had 1 mile from Allen to Edward, not Bernard to Edward
  10. My assumption was that both referred to Bernard, as it appears Bernard is the subject of the initial clause and Allen is the object. I think good grammar would keep Bernard as the subject throughout. Although I hate relying on grammar to figure out a geometry problem...
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