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  1. Nikyma

    I like this one. I think it'll take me a bit of time to figure out.
  2. Nikyma

    Is this one puzzle or three?
  3. Nikyma

    I agree, I don't bother with your puzzles because the possible answers are too varied and you will take only one particular answer. You should take more care in crafting your puzzles so that there can only be one possible answer.
  4. Nikyma

    LOL, Neal!
  5. Nikyma

    Wow, nice job statman! That was a tough one.
  6. Nikyma

    Nice riddle itachi
  7. Nikyma

    I know, I want a hint so bad. But then after I get it, I know I'll be mad at myself. Especially since one of the previous posts said that #1 is easy.
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