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    It's clearly about lost love. Besides, poetry (like any other art form) is open to the interpretation of the reader.
  2. Nikyma

    Rare photo, shot by remote camera, showing Black Leopard with fresh kill in the branches of a tree. Photo taken in Malaysia. Black Leopard Just because you've never heard of something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  3. Nikyma

    So why did you say no when itachi-san said basically the same thing? They are both large black cats that hunt.
  4. Nikyma

    Gee, it sounds like a wonderful place when you describe it like that.
  5. Nikyma

    Great job Neal. I guess my New York roots may have affected my view on this question. I still check my car for stow aways when I get in it.
  6. Nikyma

    Finally, an Itachi-San puzzle that I can answer.
  7. Nikyma

    If I'm understanding the question correctly.
  8. Nikyma

    Nice job Angie! That was a tough one.
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