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  1. that's it

    the definition of tire as an intransitive verb is to become weary with or bored. the spare-sober connection is as an adjective meaning not excessive, plain, simple, subdued.

    ok sweet =) I kinda see what you did there with the first word of it ;)

    1 more to go!

  2. The widow is a spider.

    I thought this too

    where I live there are a ton of these types of spiders. but I couldn't take it a step further to get the police involved. thinking more about it I guess someone could have shot the spider, obliterating the body. the police could have came since there were reports of gunshots

  3. a parachute.

    very good answer! I actually love it! I don't quite think it works for lines 1 or 2 for this reason:

    that parachutes are always found in multiples (but they are mostly found that way so it's very very close)

    also it could be the jumper who is the brother and if the parachute finishes last then perhaps it became detached and he fell to his death before it hit the ground. but calling a parachute and the jumper brothers is what makes me hesitate to say this is another answer since when 'brothers' is used in a word riddle it usually implies the same type of thing.

    still though it's highly arguable and I have no problem crediting you with an alternate answer. try to find the intended answer if you'd like

    here's a hint:

    much more common in our daily lives than your answer

  4. I'm always with my brothers

    Unless of course I finish last

    Or if I am ever needed

    For which I'll be ready fast

    You can find me lying down

    Or sometimes curled up really tight

    But if you see me when I'm full

    I'll almost surely be a sight!

  5. First, let me say that this discussion has broken down into a rather low state, is not profitable, and totally goes against the spirit of fair-minded camaraderie which has always been my impression of the people here at Brain Den.

    good to know you are assuming the moral high ground here... it's just a discussion/debate about a lateral thinking problem and no cause for this type of comment at all

    But having said all that, I totally agree with TheChad that the word OTHER in the context of "the only other existing clone" is a clear indication that the two people - the clones - would be the same age. If I were to be cloned there would be ME, and there would be MY CLONE. I would not be referred to as "the other clone" since I would not be a clone but an original. Furthermore, if I were a clone of someone else, and at a later date another clone of that person were made, then one could argue that I was of a different age than the other clone, but this goes way beyond the normal, simple reading of the (twice modified) OP.
    you just proved your own point to be incorrect. the word 'other' doesn't imply the same age. let's take a quick example from an awful movie (I'm not going to argue this, if you like the movie fine) but in star wars attack of the clones, all of the clones were made from one particular person's DNA. there were several groups of them all at different ages since they were created in waves. so if I took 2 clones out of the mix, one of age 16 and one of age 8 then I would have one clone and an 'other' clone of different age.

    also about the whole OP modification comment, it's a little insulting frankly. especially from someone claiming moral superiority... I gave thechad credit for the first solution and then wanted to see if I could get another solution. having a problem with this probably means you are taking things way too seriously.

    as for your solution you are implanting the word 'identical' into the OP and the whole explanation is very convoluted to be considered satisfying imo at least. but as I stated before you can solve this any way you like just like with all lateral thinkers. if you like your answer more than my approved one then congrats! be happy and move on please

  6. First, where are you getting these riddles from?

    I want to play this game.

    Now my guess


    what I thought too. I even tried making some meaningful anagrams out of "wheel hint SAVE loot" but nothing I could point at and say that was the answer for certain...

    I need to check out this site when I get some more time later. these are pretty fun

    clue :

    u can see d answer

    u must have read the answer quite a few times by now

    'inch' when you read the 4 words the word 'inch' is said between Hint and Shop. thats all I got for now... good riddle assuming the answer makes sense when its solved

  7. Many injured animals are invited to live at the 'Toronto Range'. Stop in kangaroo corner and marvel at the lovely creatures within. Dig over the potato patch to find small furry caterpillars, but don't yell! Owls can be found swooping for edible rodents, earwigs or perhaps bluebottles in the undergrowth. The brown bear, Rob, lacks grace and may look like an ogre, enter at your own risk! Peacocks can be found showing their colourful wares, which look fantastic when viewed with our ultraviolet torch.

    by hidden I'm assuming 'brown' and perhaps 'blue' and 'violet' are not included. red twice might be a coincidence. not seeing anything in the last sentence except violet of course

  8. 10)How do you get Pikachu on a bus?

    that's hilarious...

    so is there an official answer to #4? I'm not expecting gold here, but I would like to know what the expected answer was.

    all of it =) I mean why not? if he 'could' then what would ever stop him from chucking it all? lolz

  9. okay, so

    First is The Count of Monte Cristo

    Second is The Four Musketeers

    Third is The Vicomte de Bragelonne (or the man in the iron mask)

    All works of Alexandre Dumas

    so the answer is they are all characters

    yep :) just add his name before the last word of your answer to make it totally complete ;)
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