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  1. jordge

    Nested Figures in a Pentagon

    When you said the blue diamond, did you mean the blue star? If so, it would have a larger perimeter than the red pentagon. But that is all I can determine.
  2. jordge

    Turn off the light

    (Although the scale of the problem makes my head hurt)
  3. jordge

    Colorful Elephants

    your 'observation' is only valid if those were the only colors allowed. For all we know, there is one blue, one pink and green and 798 grey elephants.
  4. jordge

    Slicing a Pizza Randomly

    Whatever the solution is, I'm sure there are more pieces than I can eat.
  5. jordge

    Pull & Push

    I believe that it is an overhead view so all of the lockers are sitting on the ground in the center of the room.
  6. jordge

    Pull & Push

  7. jordge

    Which insurance plan is better?

    By purchasing a fixed number of shares each period, the average price is just the average of the share price since the total cost is consistently share price times number of shares. (number of shares factors out) By purchasing a fixed dollar amount each period, the average price becomes the 'weighted' average of the cost of the shares. Since you buy more shares when the price is low and fewer shares when the price is high, the weight shifts toward the lower cost.
  8. jordge

    Light-bulb Problem

    BobbyGo - I think your assumption about the light configurations is wrong. When I read the OP, I took it literally in that if a light is on, a certain switch must be up, exclusive of any other switches that may be up. This would prevent the possibility of switch 1 operating light A individually but then the switch 2 and 3 combination also illuminating Light A. OP - Clarification?
  9. jordge

    homemade calendar

    How would your calendar show Wed. June 19, 2013? A better question is, "How does the calendar show Wed, 19 Aug"?