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  1. tojo928

    Bowling for equilateral triangles

    My try at it
  2. tojo928

    Salesman in a Square

    Think I have the ideal solution here
  3. tojo928

    Fill in the Sequence

    The first number is the lowest possible answer, the dots represent a series of numbers that fit the sequence. Give the 3 blanks in the sequence. You might have to think alittle off the wall *wink* to come up with the pattern. 2, 3, 5, 20, 26.......... 929, 930, 936, 939, 948, 950, 956, ______, _______, ______....2038, 2058.....
  4. Still working on the second question Second robot not broken
  5. my bad. I left a couple options for the exterior primes off my list. Fun extra question to add in to challenge on this one. What is the lowest number of unique primes that could be used in this and how many unique ways (including rotation and reflection) can this be made?
  6. tojo928


    FORCE because its the only word I could think of that fit the information we have
  7. tojo928

    Traveling professor

    I can move the good Dr. for less than $25
  8. tojo928

    Folding paper

    I have no idea how to prove this but in playing around I found an interesting idea. How many folds using the same folding technique would it take to get back to only having 4 sides?