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  1. is tired after swimming for HOURS!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aaryan


      I live in a boring area where no one does anything like that.

    2. TheCube


      I do too. But I go to a more exciting (not very) area to swim.

    3. peace*out


      if no one does that, invite friends over. if they dont jump on you, tell them to. and then tell them you never told them to. ohhh, reverse phsycology...

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  2. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    EXCITE If 1, then it would be ?E???? because DELETE - 2 REVOTE - 2 so there are the 2 Es and the T Since the fisrt E is out of the equation. So then the score would go down to 1. We aren't sure what the other letter is but with this evidence we are sure of the first E. If 2, then the score would be ????TE because the first E is out of the equation and the score is the same.
  3. TheCube

    I guess I dunno if they are. I just dunno.
  4. BUNK If 0 then it is F??? because the only difference between FUNK and BUNK is the F -> B and yet BUNK would have 0. If 1 then it is ?U?? because the only difference between FUNK and FULL is the NK to LL and yet they both had 1 so it it is either F or U. And since the F is out of the problem with one we know isn't it (BIRD - 0) U will be it if the score is just 1.
  5. TheCube

    Nice. Instead of drowning people, you put people with just a head and right arm waving to the right. (If you were looking from where they are looking.

  7. TheCube

    How bout this? A pastor said that for next week's preaching would be about the sin of lying. He told the congregation to read mark 17. Next week, he asked who read Mark 17 by raising their hands. Everyone raised there hand. The pastor then said that Mark has only 16 chapters. "Now I will begin in this week's sermon: the sin of lying."
  8. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    COFFEE TEEPEE - 2 EASELS - 0 SCHIST - 0 CLOSER - 2 WALLET - 1 LETTER - 1 TURNER - 1 CLOSET - 2 CREPES - 2 WALLOP - 0 CLOSED - 2 CLOSES - 2 CLOVES - 2 GLOVES - 1 GROVES - 1 JDave - 30 Aaryan - 5 TheCube - 16
  9. While we're on the topic... BIRD
  10. DODO. I wish they weren't extinct.
  11. TheCube

    I do too. I just heard this joke and I laughed at it. I thought I might share it with you.
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