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  1. Anon26

    NIce, The fooling quote is I belive is from Lincoln
  2. thanks Auramyna I found This Do check it Yodell or anyone interested how it is played IRL
  3. OK ! you ask him and than tell me right?
  4. @Yodell: Great people think alike. I too wondered it and still am wondering. Do let me know if you do get to know
  5. that was intended! Step, fold, face - baby blues - Dew - Climbing - _________
  6. Anon26

    OK yodell, you are right, This is Urdu, my native tongue.
  7. Anon26

    How did you know that??? :blink:
  8. Anon26

    First I thought to go for some other language (keepin it secret) but than I didnt want all of you to go stuck (thank me) So I resorted to the easy one
  9. Anon26

    Didnt saw your post when I posted mine.
  10. Anon26

    Judging from Dej Mar translation and yodell objection: I believe that the person before me is a professor of language or literature
  11. Nay.. I will have two roles buwhahaha
  12. So people, My Exams ended!!!

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    2. peace*out


      hey, im playing HP2 also! :D

      but yes, ill also be in HP 3. MWHAHHHAHAHAAAAAA

    3. Anon26


      So as you would be playing HP2 and would even play HP3, while I myself missed HP1, So what on earth makes me lucky?? :D

    4. peace*out


      your anonymous so you can play better?? haha?? maybe you have a horseshoe, or a four leaf clover? the point is, your EXAMS ARE DONE. i would trade places of being in HP1 if my EFFIN exams were done GDit!

  13. I never knew I did be getting two roles. @Akriti: read the list again.
  14. I always wanted to have one against aravar after he was my mentor. And looks like EDM is there as well Just had my last Exam today and now am freeeeee. :D
  15. Sorry all. I wrongly understood it, Answer of above of mine is formula, and the term "formula one" would have been than related to cooper, Just understood now that first term have to be directly related so here is a new one continuing from maurice (Also wanna add that I couldnt seem to edit my previous post, it wont allow me to.) mini, Chris, barrel - Cooper convertible,toy ,high - _________
  16. mini, Chris, barrel - Cooper One, Chemical, brake -_____________
  17. Anon26

    It was so wet that my water proof watch got soggy.
  18. Anon26

    Havent this been asked before?
  19. KM is so full of Idea's,
  20. Anon26

    And another one:
  21. Anon26

    Here is a real funny pic
  22. Anon26

    Just googled it and most of the result is related to Bible. IT is Spanish I believe
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