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  1. you're quite close..infact very
  2. BASTARD* *no offence intended
  3. My first riddle here..some words might give it away..but here goes. Every day and every night They bring us close Only to again tear us apart We've heard words of joy and squeals of shame When, oh so cruelly, we have lived separate Joined only by a cord or a ringed rod we hate And we have been drawn many times And many a writer has made us fall But we have borne and shall bear it all Until the blind men shall take our place And we shall be discarded as waste But together in the end Together at last
  4. Its been almost one year since i came on bd..hopefully i will be more regular

  5. Sure feels gud to be back........really sorry bout mirror mafia... comp glitches cropped up....

  6. Hosts: Hirkala and Blablah 1)Framm - Confirmed 2)Lionheart - Confirmed 3)GMaster479 - Confirmed 4)Vipe195 5)Filly - Confirmed 6)LJ 7)Phaze - SIG role recieved 8)yuiop - confirmed 9)Glycereine - confirmed 10)Vineetrika - confirmed 11)Molly Mae - confirmed 12)slick - confirmed again. 13)RainThinker 14)Harvey - confirmed 15)Limey (Confirmed) 16)woon - confirmed 17)qwerty-confirmed 18) Fox - confirmed 19)MissKitten- confirmed 20)EDM - CONFIRMED 21)NickFleming0 confirmed 22)RiddlerGee 23)24_65... - CONFIRMED 24)Brrr 25)onetruth - confirmed Backup: 1)EvilCookie 2)golfjunkie 3)'Cat'astrophe 4)
  7. Umm..so what exactly is Mirror Mafia??
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