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  1. This is a puzzle from an Usborne puzzle books called Logic Puzzles, and though it gives the correct answer, the method for how it reaches that answer eludes me. I’m posting it here to see if anyone can explain the logical steps to reach the answer (I’ll refrain from posting the answer for now if people with to try and solve it. The puzzle goes as follows: There is a troupe of five mummers: a drummer, a dancing bear, a piper, a juggler, and a jester. One always tells the truth, one always tells lies, and the remaining three tell a mixture of truth and lies. To find out who tells what, the following clues are presented: Drummer: I always tell a mixture of truth and lies. Juggler: That is not true. Jester: If the bear is always truthful, the juggler tells nothing but lies. Bear: That is false. Piper: The drummer always tells the truth. Jester: The piper tells nothing but lies. Can you figure out who tells what based on this information, and how?
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