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  1. Listening to Anamanaguchi. Happy as can be.

  2. A 3-dimensional object viewed on a 2-dimensional plane does not become 1-dimensional.
  3. Nevermind. That was terrible. I left the 'derp-mode' switch on. I don't see how that could move.
  4. ooh! ooh! WAIT! Arranged as such That was terribly crud(e).
  5. I am sitting here with my homework tossed aside constantly rearranging a large number of tooth-picks in a desperate attempt to figure this out.
  6. I'm losing my voice. I currently sound awesome.

  7. I wish to win every gamble I voluntarily participate in.
  8. This has to be one of the weirder contexts but alright...
  9. Faizaan

    I just got a new laptop (the old one was too slow to run Minecraft). Unfortunately the old server I used to play on was discontinued, and I am itching to play multiplayer again. So, yes. I am interested. If there are any slots still open, I would be more than happy to join.
  10. Faizaan

    Solved by plainglazed. for contributing!
  11. Faizaan

    Sooo....... I'm assuming everyone simply quit on this one?
  12. $100,000. Still not enough motivation to get me to sit down and try to figure this out. My laziness know no bounds. Anywho, I had not heard of this conjecture until now. This is intriguing!
  13. Faizaan

    Wait. Seriously? How?
  14. @gadaju: That is very possible, and an excellent observation!
  15. Faizaan

    You should mention every suggestion you have. Every thought that occurs to you, every ounce of logic that your conscious so desperately begs from your memory to in its quest to understand, to derive sense from nonsense, should be posted. All of the ideas. All of them.
  16. Faizaan

    Clever but nope! No, it does not. I just realized. The title is misleading. "What am I trying to say?" Is not very accurate. I am not trying to 'say' anything. However, what I have written does have meaning.
  17. Faizaan

    Lol nope. I have no idea what you did there. Care to explain the logic behind your answer?
  18. Faizaan

    Uhh... You may have some deep psychological issues. You want to talk about it? Otherwise, keep thinking. I know how you feel. Debugging can be so stressful, It's like where's waldo. But he's invisible. Cryptography is very much a possibility. I like the way you are thinking! Although it does not have anything to do with music, Nice Attempt! Keep trying guys!
  19. Faizaan

    a, b, b, d, b, d, b, d, f, b, f, d, b, d, f, f Enjoy.
  20. Faizaan

    EDIT: I guess the aforementioned example (see spoiler) applies to the volume as well.
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