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  1. I'm trying to get interested in this ... really ...
  2. Hint no two of the rows were parallel
  3. If you look closely at the Touch2Solution you will see that the "RED" and the "LIGHT BLUE" match are "NOT TOUCHING"! The Thickness or mass of the "DARK BLUE" match is seperating them from touching. It may Appear that they are in contact from an ariel view, however it is obvious that anything with mass is going to seperate 2 objects if it is between them. Tell me what you think about my findings. I'm open for debate! Debate, as requested: In touch2, Red lies horizontally across Purple, Blue and Light Blue, touching each of them. The top surfaces of Purple, Light Blue and Blue are all at the same height, allowing Red to touch them all. Red's end then touches Yellow. Similar statements can be made for Yellow and Green.
  4. The four crossing in the center are apparently stacked. How can each touch the other three?
  5. The "e" is repeated. Try your answer to [2] - both have 9 letters. Yup, a really weird word. That's one, and you gave the other in [2]. That's one; another, anyone? Everyone's fav. Good work. [3], [5] and [7] remain.
  6. OK, so you counted correctly; but let's ask the companion question: given everything that's been said, and simplifying things by assuming now that all 50 minutes of music are on side 1 of the record, and further simplifying by assuming equal spacing of the grooves, approximating pi by 3.14 or 22/7, whichever is easier to use, and rounding your answer to the nearest inch ... what is the total distance traveled by the needle, in 50 minutes, from the first note of the music to the last? [edited, to point out the question ...]
  7. What property do the words MONTH and OBLIGE share with two colors?
  8. 25x33 1/3 = 833 1/3 revolutions. [1] No, becasue there were exactly 25 minutes of music on each side. [2] No, because wherever the music is, the record spins at the same speed. The vibrations are more closely spaced near the center of the record.
  9. The CD's were an attempt to induce single-sided thinking ... no avail. Good one.
  10. A man and his son were out sailing when their craft capsized. Fearing death from thirst, the man quickly grabbed 8 letters from the Scrabble game they were playing, then brought his son with him aboard their life raft. The next day the son found the letters and, after a moment's thought, used them to spell out: M I L K J O H N What was the father's survival strategy?
  11. Again, brain teasers of sorts ... [1] what is the longest English word that contains a single, unrepeated vowel? [2] give 2 9-letter words that have 1 syllable. [3] give a word that has 5 consecutive vowels. [4] give 2 words that have 5 consecutive consonants. [5] give a word that has 6 consecutive consonants [6] give 2 words that have the 6 vowels a e i o u y in alphabetical order [7] give a word that has 6 occurrences of the same vowel. and finally, the one you were waiting for cuz everyone knows it ... [8] give a word that has three consecutive repeated letters. answers appended this weekend.
  12. A clever gardener had 10 seedling trees: [tree1] [tree2] [tree3] [tree4] [tree5] [tree6] [tree7] [tree8] [tree9] [tree10] Rather than place them all in a line, he planted them in 5 rows of 4 trees each. Explain.
  13. they vote the tourist off the island, and go on living peaceful lives. [2] they put on blindfolds, and go on living peaceful, clumsy lives. [3] they order a case of Visine, and go on living peaceful lives. [4] they rip the hands off all the island clocks, and go on living peaceful lives. [5] they forget their vow of silence and decide after much debate to forget the curse as well, and go on living peaceful lives. [6] they buy computers and stay up night after night solving riddles on brainden.com until they all have red eyes, and go on living peaceful lives.
  14. Johnny was going through his collection of CD's when grandpa came over with his favorite 33 1/3 rpm long-play phonograph record. Johnny was fascinated with the ancient technology - imagine a needle playing the sound in all those grooves by actually touching them the record! Hoping Johnny could be impressed with the ancient method of storing music, grandpa brought with him an equally old microscope and challenged Johnny to count the grooves. Assuming there was precisely 50 minutes of music on the record, how many grooves did Johnny count?
  15. What changes? [1] Continental US This eliminates the Aleutian Islands - not part of the mainland - so that those A.I. to the "left" of 180th meridian are no longer the Easternmost point. That would now be W Quoddy Head, ME. The Westernmost point moves from the A.I. to the mainland at Cape of Prince Wales, but still in Alaska. Southernmost point changes from HawaiI [50 states] or from Key West [contiguous 48 states] to Cape Sable, but still in FL. [2] Earliest / Latest sunrise This changes the demarcation line from the 180th meridian to the International Date Line. The difference is that whereas 180 is a straight line, the IDL has some zigs and zags that place all of the A.I. to its east; again, this changes the Easternmost point. For continental US - W Quoddy Head, ME [3] Including US TerritoriesFor the IDL demarcation, the Easternmost point moves to Wake Island, the Westernmost point becomes Guam, and the Southernmost point moves to American Samoa.
  16. This one is due to James Fixx - a different twist to a familiar genre. Six water pails sit on the ground in a row. Pails 1-3 are filled; pails 4-6 are empty: [1 full] . [2 full] . [3 full] . [4 empty] . [5 empty] . [6 empty] By moving only one pail, make the full and empty pails alternate.
  17. Aaron Burr and normdeplume both have it. I'm putting the answer into the first post.
  18. Martini contributed why the question is a brain teaser, and Writersblock and cpotting contributed the states. Let's tease the brain a bit more .... E-most and W-most were stipulated as meaning Geographically, referring to the 180th meridian, which cuts through the Aleutian Islands; and, in the 2nd question, contiguous 48 states excluded AK and HI. Now ... would the answers change for ... [1] US defined as continental US - or - [2] including US territories - or - [3] E-most and W-most defined as earliest and latest sunrises? If any of the results change, what would be the reason?
  19. bonanova


    Here's how OneLook [onelook.com] summarizes argument. It includes most of the views expressed. Looking at these definitions, it might be justifiable to argue that a case could be made for concluding that a dispute is one type of argument, allowing for other types as well. Quick definitions (argument) noun: a variable in a logical or mathematical expression whose value determines the dependent variable; if f(x)=y, x is the independent variable noun: a summary of the subject or plot of a literary work or play or movie (Example: "The editor added the argument to the poem") noun: a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true (Example: "It was a strong argument that his hypothesis was true") noun: a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal (Example: "The argument over foreign aid goes on and on") noun: a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement (Example: "They were involved in a violent argument")
  20. Yup. The tricky part is to realize the square card is a red herring, for exactly the reasons you gave. And that comes from a careful reading of the question: i.e. we're not asked if all the square cards are red. Nice job.
  21. We have some nice clues and observations. Has anyone listed the states yet? Extra credit for including the answer limiting the question to the contiguous 48 states....
  22. all three are incorrect.... So somone please correct me if i am wrong, but it could be either of these two.... it could be any of four cases, depending on what object is drawn from one of the boxes. The solution is to decide which box to draw from and how to reason to the correct labeling based on what is found.
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