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  1. I believe the answer is derived by the symbols and their position. Like this old one: [ignore the dots - they're there just to get proper spacing] STAND . . . . . . 2 . . TAKING -------- teUnd -------- --------- . . I . . . . . . THROW . MY which means, of course, I understand you intend to overthrow my undertaking
  2. I got here too late to get my answer in, but here's my reasoning without reading what must be the only solution: [1] There's enough time to get the job done. [2] If you do two slices in the first two time slots, you lose - cuz you cant do both sides of the third slice at the same time. [3] So you have to involve the third slice during the 2nd time slot. [4] Then there's only one possibility for the 3rd time slot, and it's the answer.
  3. Writersblock, I agree with your comments - absence of j's and q's aren't surprising. I posted basically my dead ends, throwing my ideas into the mix, tho they were wrong. I suspect that there is a solution regardless of what are probably typos. The author most likely paid attention to the critical issues of letters being present or absent in all the right places. I kind of lit up when I saw no "a" in 1st sentence and no "b" in sentence 2. c'est la vie. Should be interesting to learn eventually what the answer is.
  4. You mean we have to take a counselor across, too?
  5. Looking for missing letters: Taking clues from the text: Which might lead to: if "in periods gone" is significant, try looking only at sentences that end in "!", "?" and possibly ":" sentences with "periods gone". taken together, they are missing "j" "q" and "z".
  6. A friend insisted the answer "had to be" 50%. So I asked him this: Of all the couples in the world with 2 children, statistically speaking, what fraction have a 1 boy and 1 girl? He answered: one half. and what fraction have 2 boys and 0 girls? He answered: one fourth. So, just taking these couples, what fraction have 2 boys and 0 girls? He answered: One third; and then: Oh.... OK I get it now.
  7. Right ... the pentagon is the stumper. The clue, What if there were five points? makes it come to mind, cuz the points of a pentagon create sides and diagonals of only one type, just like as square does. Then you just remove a point to get a 4-dot solution. It's seldom you get one solution to be fundamentally different from all the others.
  8. bonanova


    cpotting, amazing story. You might find this amusing: A mathematician, an engineer and an accountant were asked What is 2+2? Mathematician replied 4 Engineer replied 4.000 plus or minus 0.001 Accountant replied - What to you want it to be?
  9. Can you share your solution?
  10. My answer is correct, because I was lying.
  11. How about... "Do you refuse to answer this question"? If he answers "Yes," he lies. If he refuses to answer [attempting an affirmative response] he hasn't answered "Yes". Melchang, are you saying this question can, at some point be answered yes, according to situations and environments?
  12. Answer for a jet: Yes. Answer for a propeller plane: Yes. Reasoning: An airplane takes off when its wings generate a lift force greater than its weight. Lift force is determined by air speed. A backward-running treadmill will not impede the plane's forward motion, nor limit its air speed, only make its wheels spin twice as fast! But what if an airplane's engine drove its wheels? Then the answer would be No. It could not achieve forward motion nor generate lift. That would be an interesting kind of airplane - after it took off it would become a glider!
  13. For the 2nd 3-3 solution here is a hint: What if there were 5 points to be placed? Here are the solutions:
  14. Very nice! There are two steps to get to 36pi. [1] deducing it doesn't depend on R. [2] computing the R=3 case. Step [1] can be done logically or mathematically. Wordblind absolutely wins the prize for the slickest math.
  15. Verifying Martini's result ... The order on the hill is always [D W J] The positions, and Jenkins' distance, at 7 critical points are as follows: 0. Start at the bottom [0 0 0 => 0] then ...
  16. Plausible, reasonable and simple. Compelling, even. Oh wait. The problem states: "This bridge capacity is up to 80 kgs only, if you exceed this limit the bridge will fall". "up to 80 kg only" [an open interval] does not include 80. Therefore "a perfect 80kg" "exceed this limit," and so "the bridge will fall."
  17. If two speak the same language, have access to similar dictionaries and understand rules of grammar and syntax, then we say they can communicate in a literate manner. The meaning of words is a mixture of the "dictionary meaning" and the personal experience of the speaker and listener. The latter component of meaning leads at times to misunderstanding until the context is communicated and understood. Culture and environment can alter generic meanings of words. How can we prove a word has a meaning? One approach might be to agree on a common dictionary as the authority. A more pragmatic approach might be to say that if two people are comfortable with the notion that they agree when they discuss something, then the words they used to reach agreement themselves have an agreed meaning. Is this what you had in mind?
  18. Yup. I didn't want to describe the "found" ones yet - it's fun to find them, as well.
  19. Your solution avoids that situation. I think you solved a more difficult problem than was proposed. I opted for my approach because [1] It takes one fewer crossing [2] I believe the conditions provide for a momentary situation where a woman is without her husband but with another man, so long as she does not remain that way when the boat leaves them. Maybe the author can resolve whether my interpretation is permitted.
  20. You can't do it taking one at a time, and taking them two at a time is trivial. So I'll answer the problem of how they do it themselves. [edit - one of my letters was wrong] xy cross, x returns --- .. .y .. || Ax B. Cz Ax cross, A returns -- .x .y .. || A. B. Cz Cz cross, C returns -- .x .y .z || A. B. C. AB cross, z returns - Ax By .. || .. .. Cz Cz cross ------------- Ax By Cz || .. .. ..
  21. Please clarify - As you take them across the river, there can be no more than one of them with you in the boat?
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