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  1. Interesting site ... maybe it's well known already? http://lookmind.com/illusions.php
  2. There was a bet going on at Morty's last night, about who could toss the most consecutive Tails in 10 flips of a fair coin. Davey went first and came up with H T T H T H T T T H -- 3 Tails in a row Tom was next, and he flipped T T H T H H T T H H -- only 2 Tails in a row, but twice. Next was Pete, who struck out completely with T H T H T H T H T H -- none. Slim was next, starting out with 5 Tails; T T T T T H H T H H -- 5. Then the unthinkable happened: Alex flipped 10 consecutive Tails. Phil grabbed a pencil and tried to figure the odds, but he'd had too many beers. So had Davey, but it didn't stop him from opining that none of them, in any of their lifetimes, would see again what Alex had done. They all agreed, and toasted Alex the rest of the night. Slim felt slighted, saying his sequence was improbable enough for him to at least have gotten a free beer. And Davey and Tom mumbled that it would be tough to repeat what they'd done, too. Finally, Pete claimed that even his result deserved a frosty one, "on the house." But Matt the mathematician -- when he was sober at least -- would have none of the whining. "Anybody could do what you blokes done t'night," he snarled, "but it would take a bazillion years to do what Alex did." Who was right? Departing from my normal MO, here's my answer.
  3. Nothing so tricky as all that - no paint, etc. The alchemist's goal was always to turn each atom of lead directly into an atom of gold. There may be a small difference in the weights of those atoms, but that's not the way Alex made his fortune. Here's how it worked.
  4. bonanova


    The cobbler? When I wuz a kid, I once had my shoes re-souled. And one time I ate some soul-food, but let's not implicate any restaurant owners here.
  5. Nope. We need a means by which Alex becomes rich. Answer tomorrow; today's hint: The King had his Royal Department of Weights and Measures weigh the lead Alex received each day, and weigh the gold Alex returned each morning. If they both weighed exactly 1 pound, how could Alex have kept any of the gold?
  6. Yup. Misdirection fails again
  7. Lucid's analysis is the clearest. What you get when you turn on more taps is more flow. Find the flow rates and add them. The taps flow, respectively at rates of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and 4 reservoirs per day. Flowing together, [adding their flow rates] the rate is 61/12 reservoirs per day. They will fill 1 reservoir in exactly 12/61 days. That comes to 4 hours, 43 minutes and .. about 16.7213114 seconds.
  8. Hint: Helen and an infamous horse.
  9. Yup, those all work. Here are the ones I had in mind: [2] Stretched [3] Queueing [4] Witchcraft - that would be in Salem, MA [5] Latchstring - you got it [7] Indivisibility And ... for those who care .... abstemiously: adverb: in a sparing manner; without overindulgence
  10. "Nobody goes to that restaurant; it's too crowded." That is a quote from the much-quoted, great Yogi Berra. Who is also quoted to have said, "I didn't say most of those things I said." So that possibly explains it. I also point out that George Carlin once noted that the stuff you spray on mold and mildew comes with the warning: Use this product only in well-ventilated places. To which George replied ... I don't know where your mildew grows, but ...
  11. Couldn't help ... replying to the notion that I don't have the ability to choose not to reply to the notion that I don't have the ability to choose not to reply to the notion that I don't have the ability to choose not to reply to the notion that I don't have the ability to choose not to reply to the notion that I don't have the ability to stop typing. But I must. Is that my destiny or did I choose freely to act as if it were? Ah, paradox, begone!
  12. Hint? It's actually easier than the 1st version.
  13. You've got the right idea. But he makes a bigger cut -- about 20%. How?
  14. Quite right. But this is an old result, first popularized by K Barth.
  15. The answer could be foul play, if there were deserts or mountains in Iowa: Acclaimed Journalist Found Dead, Mars Iowa Straw Poll Monday, August 13, 2007 AMES, Iowa (GPI) -- Sure to throw a pall over Mitt Romney's win of the Iowa Republican straw poll, critically acclaimed investigative reporter, Ken Wolfson was found dead here early Sunday. Area police suspect foul play.
  16. ... the price of lead would go up. That's a good observation. But the primary effect would be to make the King's hoard of lead more valuable. We have to somehow see how Sir Alex got rich. Here's a clue Sir Alex made his fortune the old fashioned way -- in gold. But he wasn't King Midas -- he couldn't make gold from anything other than lead.
  17. So far we have ... [1] what is the longest English word that contains a single, unrepeated vowel? Strengths [2] give 2 9-letter words that have 1 syllable. Strengths and [clue: S t r e _ _ _ _ _ ] [3] give a word that has 5 consecutive vowels. [clue: Q _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ] [4] give 2 words that have 5 consecutive consonants. Strengths, Angsts, and yet a third: [clue: W _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ] might find it in MA [5] give a word that has 6 consecutive consonants. [clue: L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ] they went out of use 100 yrs ago [6] give 2 words that have the 6 vowels a e i o u y in alphabetical order Facetiously and A b s t e m i o u s l y freebie - that was tough [7] give a word that has 6 occurrences of the same vowel. [clue: I n d i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ] [8] give a word that has three consecutive repeated letters. bookkeeper 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 remain.
  18. bonanova


    You'd have a long existence without any good music.
  19. What would you call an accountant on a submarine? Nah!
  20. Rover died because ... [0] ... lacking fingers, he could not open his canteen. [1] He was an old dog; and crossing a desert is a new trick. [2] He ran across a baseball fan who ate him as a hot dog. [but only partially - he was a big dog and there was no ketchup] [3] He was not dogged enough to complete his journey. [4] He fell victim to a cat mirage. [5] ...
  21. Three boxes are all labeled incorrectly, but you must determine their contents, nevertheless. The labels on the boxes read as follows: [box 1] gold coins [box 2] silver coins [box 3] gold coins or silver coins To gain the information you need to determine the contents of each box, you may remove a single item from one of the boxes. You may not look into the boxes, nor pick them up and shake them, etc. Can this be done? If so, how? If not, why not? Wait. That was the old puzzle. The rules have been changed. You can't open any of the boxes. You can't remove any item from any of the boxes. You can't even touch any of the boxes. Wait. You're also told that the boxes all contain coins of a single type: gold, silver or bronze. Edit: No two of the boxes have the same contents.
  22. Nope, that's not it. Remember, the King, whose mama has raised no fools, has confiscated all the lead in the kingdom. Alex has only a daily allowance of lead, and his head comes off next morning if he fails to bring it back as gold.
  23. Writersblock is exactly right. Here's why: It ... is ... a ... really ... bad ... poem!
  24. the girl loves to tease ...!
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