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  1. Hey :)

    The words seem too random to be related by association. I tried to toss the letters around, that didn't get me anywhere. I laid them in a grid, nothing. I tried then to replace the letters in words with the letters that come before or after the letter, nothing. I only got a word by eliminating same letters, two by two, until the remaining 6 letters formed the word "groups". I'm probably off, I just wanna know if I'm moving in the right direction.

  2. Hi guys! :)

    It's not homework, but I can't seam to find an answer anywhere, or I just don't know where to look. Anywho, the question that's bugging me is: Does rapid cooling of liquids deplete the oxygen level in the liquids?

    If you could link me I would very much appreciate it :)

  3. I thought that we will only send a picture/caption to the next person to have their turn and to you. I didn't know that you'll start a "conversation".

    Part of the fun is when other people are commenting in spoilers before the person has it's turn, and then going back and reading the comments. ^_^

  4. Well since we're digging up old games...this is one I'd like to try.

    Anyone (Zizzy? Andro?) care to start up EPYC VIII?

    I don't mind if you do. Since I started working I just don't have the time :(

    I think that the rules are pretty much straightforward, so enjoy the game, I might even sign up to play, just don't have the time to host.

  5. I've been following this thread for a while, and I've seen many others like it on the internet. The end result is always the same: Nothing is accomplished.

    That's not true, it's a good exercise for the brain.

    Atheists are practicing how to think and make reasonable arguments and theists are practicing how to ignore those arguments.

    It's not the rational part of the brain that God appeals to, but the emotional.

    I disagree. The only reason that religion/gods was/were created was because people needed an explanation about things that they couldn't understand.

    Example: It was a bad harvest season, God(s) are angry and we need to crack someone's skull in order to ingratiate ourselves with the God(s).

    That's how people rationalized things back in the days. Now we have Science and we know about climate and that everything is connected through cause and effect.

    The only way to win this argument for my side (the existence of God) would be to witness Him after I die.

    I'm not that gullible :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Stupid grammar :dry:

  6. ...Science tells you that you are stardust, solely made from remnants of supernovas...but not much more, except time.

    Wow... I'm impressed by the dew in the early morning on petals of flowers and you can't be impressed by the fact that we are made from stardust?? No wonder you're discontent and seek for higher power. :blink:

    This part is from the same guy, different video (the video is titled "Spank Your Monkey")

    "Most people can’t see, most simply don’t know enough of the truth, the facts, that they are energy made solid, consciousness informed from a harmony of natural forces, we might posses the only eloquent eyes that will ever exist, we might be the Universe’s poetry, it’s only chance to know itself, ever."

    Brilliant! :D

    Maybe that's our purpose, to constantly ask questions and seek for no less than the absolute truth!

  7. WOW!!! :)

    My favorite part:

    The body of a newborn baby is as old as the cosmos, the form is new and unique, but the materials are 13.7 billion years old processed by nuclear fusion in stars, fashioned by electromagnetism, cold words for amazing processes and that baby was you, is you, you’re amazing, not only alive, but with a mind. What fool would exchange this for every winning lottery ticket ever drawn. When I compare what scientific knowledge has done for me and what religion tried to do to me I sometimes literally shiver. Religions tell children they might go to hell and they must believe, while science tells children they came from the stars and presents reasoning they can believe.

    Thank you for posting this! :D

  8. LOL I just read the whole thing and I think the joke is really dumb (I didn't get it), but the story is actually good. For some weird reason I never get bored of reading and I never leave something unfinished. Oh, and guess what-I also had Caesarean birth. :D

    Hehehe... the joke is... :)

    Better Nate than Lever.

    Better Late than Never.

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