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  1. when at space camp, your team is asked to pick a space related name, thge first thing your teammate says is team andromeda(after the galaxy) and you immediately think of andromeda on BD and stop your team from using the name because (a) you think it isnt space related and (b) you dont want to infringe andromeda's privacy.

    when youre happy this opens a new page.

    I know I ONCE spenT WAY too much time on BrainDen when other members are using my BD name as a point of reference :lol:

    AND yes, my BD name was inspired by the Andromeda galaxy, and since I'm nowhere near to compare to it's beauty I decided to go with a lowercase "a" :)

  2. I'm sorry andromeda, is this the question I didn't answer? I don't know, food for frogs?

    Nope. This is.

    OK then what logic did God use when he created hermaphrodites?? (Hermaphrodites are organisms with both male and female reproductive organs)

    But, never mind.

  3. I have to go. Immune to the damn spider bite, it is deadly for everyone else down there. :thumbsup:

    I don't wanna burst your bubble, but did you actually read the article? :duh:

    It says nothing about tarantula stinging a tarantula hawk. It only says and I quote:

    Body lengths measures up to two inches, and the wasps are rather robust, which provides good protection during encounters with tarantulas.

    It says nothing about being immune to their venom?!

    1. They require a spider to serve as host for their larvae.

    2. A female wasp finds a tarantula by smell.

    3. She then attempts to sting the spider.

    4. Once stung, the tarantula becomes paralyzed within seconds.

    5. She will drag it back into its own burrow, now a burial vault, lay a single egg on the spider’s abdomen, then seal the chamber.

    6. The egg hatches and the small larva of the tarantula hawk feeds on the tarantula's insides.

    The adult tarantula hawks are feeding on nectar.

    How does this has to do anything with Intelligent Design, this is just an adaptation.

    You avoided answering my question though... :dry:

  4. I'm beginning to think that you don't know the first thing about molecular genetics and/or biochemistry?! Not even the basics dude. :huh:

    Have fun in church :) if that is even remotely possible :P

    My edit time was out.

    Wasp is immune to what?

    There are nearly one million known species of insects and an estimated 10 million undescribed ones. Why would God go through such an ordeal, creating so many insects?

  5. Here is another really cool thing to look at. My link

    My point sometimes is What are the odds, this wasp has an immunity? All the things that I have pointed out, even the ones I was called an idiot (and some other wonderfully colorful commentary) for, what are the odds.

    I'm beginning to think that you don't know the first thing about molecular genetics and/or biochemistry?! Not even the basics dude. :huh:

    Have fun in church :) if that is even remotely possible :P

  6. Okay I have a question for you guy's, meaning There's no God people. Explain to me and everyone about the Amazon water lilies. How they grow and pollinate?

    I don't see the point, but it's actually pretty amazing :)

    Night-time pollination

    First evening: The pure-white flowers open during the evening with a pineapple-like fragrance. A chemical reaction inside the flower heats the bloom to as much as 12°C (20°F) above the ambient temperature, helping to disperse the perfume and attract the scarab beetle pollinator (Cylocephata castaneal). This flower is initially female and receptive to pollen carried by a beetle from another flower.

    Second evening: As daylight approaches the flower shuts, trapping the beetle. During the day, the flower becomes male and produces pollen that coats the beetle as it tries to escape. The flower reopens the following evening as a dark pink. This colour is unattractive the pollen-coated beetle which travels to another white flower.

    If you are interested, google it next time ;)

    Aren't you supposed to be in church? Is there a recess during the service? :huh:

  7. Okay, God has given us survival instinct because that is what He chose to do so, instead of just being born and killing us all and taking us to Heaven before we sin. I believe my answer is almost as silly as the question really. Having a desire to live or survive does not mean there is no God. Not all people have held on to this life at a time of facing death. Let me give you some examples.

    This question was asked so you'd think logically. Usually you just whip something out of the bible and answer with that.

    OK my question is: What was God's logic when He had chosen to give us survival instinct even though He created afterlife for everyone to infinitely enjoy.

    My answer would be (for the sake of argument) that He'd given us survival instinct so He wouldn't have to do the creation thing over and over again. Cause if we don't have an instinct to survive, we wouldn't struggle to survive, we wouldn't care if we die, so the number of people would be rapidly decimating, and God would have to dedicate a WHOLE DAY to create us yet again. :rolleyes:

    Instead of thinking of a logical solution you said because He had chosen to do so, yeah but WHY? You say that He created a perfect world, so He must have used logic, right?

    OK then what logic did God use when he created hermaphrodites?? (Hermaphrodites are organisms with both male and female reproductive organs)

    No more bible, just logic, and because He had chosen to do so is not an answer, cause God did not create something out of caprice! He must have used logic. :rolleyes:

    Thanks for debating skill lessons BTW. ^_^

    You're welcome :D now only if you'd implement some of them :lol:

  8. Well I don't know if everyone feels that way. I will give you examples. Some people that don't know the Truth may feel that way, though I don't think that the desire to live has anything to do with where you will spend eternity.

    I'm talking about people that believe in Heaven and God and all that stuff, prey to God to survive.

    Why did God give us survival instinct if there's an afterlife?

    Start your answer with: God has given us survival instinct because___________________________________________________.*

    *fill in the blank

    I'm not mocking you I'm being curious?! :) It's OK not to know the answer.

  9. I thought same thing but didn't fit 2nd line. Or at least didn't seem to.

    I agree, it would have if it were the opposite :blink: I thought that maybe the creator of the riddle kinda accidentally put them in the wrong order :lol:

  10. By saying survive do you mean as a species of Human Beings, or survive as to not starve to death if possible?

    Individually I meant, not as a species :)

    Starve to death, being mangled to death, strangled, raped and killed, axed, hanged, stabbed, shot, beheaded, eaten by a bear, you take a pick. If you had lived a life of virtue and you are facing violent death, why do you struggle to survive? Or better yet, you are lost in the Amazonian jungle, or Alaskan wilderness, or floating on a raft in the Pacific Ocean, facing horrible death, WHY do you struggle to survive? Remember you are a good person and you have nothing to be afraid of when you face God and his judgement. You are facing an infinite time in Heaven, no pain, no more struggle, why do you fight with every fibber of your being for one more breath?

    Why did God give us SURVIVAL INSTINCT if there's afterlife?!

    EDIT: I did it. :lol::thumbsup: The Quote thing that is.

    You can quote up to 10 times in one post ;)

  11. You did NOT answer the million dollar question hambone:

    Why did God give us survival instinct if there's an afterlife?!

    LITTLE HELP: It's hard to read the post when the quoted text isn't marked so you could use different colors to distinct what was written by you and what by the poster you are quoting or just use this

    [quote]insert quoted text here[/quote]


  12. Why not help the mother in Africa being raped than the man winning a $2 million dollar lottery ticket ?

    A theist would argue that God works in mysterious ways.

    This basically means that God decides what happens to you and everyone else, you have no power to decide anything.

    In the general gist of a religion, who has rules ( commandments) etc, I only but ask, if God wanted us to follow a certain set of rules, why not make them universally known in our souls so we can be held accountable for our actions ?

    A theist would argue that God had given us a free will.

    This basically says that we can do whatever we want during our lifetime, but based of off that we will be judged in afterlife. This directly contradicts the God works part.

    Also, if we as humans knew there was a God, knew there was an after life. Would we then be afriad of death ?

    Biologically, our survival instinct is driving us to gasp for every breath that we can take.

    It's an evolutionary trait :D the way for the DNA (the true master of all life that there is an ever will be) to insure it's survival and continuance.

    EDIT: Hahah... I've never noticed this before but if you fill in the blanks _D_N_A you get my real name :o

    Off course it means nothing :lol:

    The million dollar question is: Why would God had given us survival instinct if there's afterlife?!

    I'm sure some of these you heard before but I just wanted to get these written down and perhaps see if they merit a response.

    Awesome post. :D

  13. Also: While hambone has shown his reasons for believing in a God, many of the comments by those who disagree with him have, as of late, (some haven't) attacked his 'lack' of scientific knowledge.

    We were just trying to point out the logical fallacies in his conclusions. If you gonna debate about something, you better know what you are talking about.

    His personal experience is enough to show why he believes what he does; everybody lay off.

    We have acknowledged that with open mind as I recall, but this thread is not about "Why I personally believe in God", but "Evidence of God's Design".

    I'm personally cool with hambone, and he knows that :)

  14. I haven't read the whole thread, so I don't know if is this has been posted before...

    My thought is that you could submerge the sphere with a hole in it into a graduated glass container with water and just read how much water it displaces. I'm not sure that the wording is correct, but you get what I mean.


    edit: grammar

  15. I totally agree with Quag and unreality!

    Something profound had happened to you that you interpreted the way you did, and that made you believe in God. This I respect, all the other gibberish, the so called "evidence" you provided is nothing but a big pile of non-recyclable gibberish, meaning you can't extract any useful materials out of it.

    As for evolution, leave it to the professionals, would ya' :D

  16. Actually mevuc if you read my original post way way back when it is pretty much the same as yours. to paraphrase myself we have no proof that god exists or doesnt exist. all the evidence anyone has presented here could be just as well used by either side of the arguement. Where hambone and i fall out is when he gets his science wrong, or states his beliefs as facts. ie the proof of jesus being god.

    Er... how can someone be his own father?! :wacko:

    I'm not asking you to give an answer, but the people that think they know the answer :huh:

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