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  1. OFF TOPIC: :lol: Seriously?! This is a Forum for riddles!

    We DO NOT need to read SLOWLY! :lol:

    Or you're just trying to be sarcastic :dry:

    HEADS UP: You don't need to use spoilers unless you actually want to put something in them, it's just dangling there at the top of the page without any actual purpose, I CAN'T believe I'm saying this, but... stop using spoilers dude :duh:

  2. Let's talk science as well not just life, The force of the gravitation He created was, and still is, precisely balanced with precision to match exactly the Universe's powerful expansion force. God caused the Universe including time, space, matter, and energy to begin expanding at an extraordinary speed, which continues today. God used the force of the gravity to cause matter to combine together to form galaxies and stars, while the expansion of space caused the Universe to continue to grow in size and not collapse back upon itself. if the expansion force and speed were even slightly and I mean slightly stronger, no stars or galaxies would have been able to stabilize, and our solar system would not exist. However, if the expansion speed were even a fraction weaker, then the Universe would have collapsed upon itself. How precise did the expansion speed of the expanding space need to be balanced against the force of gravity? They need to be balanced to an astonishing level of precision that totally defies the odds of probability. Dr.Stephen Hawking (although an agnostic) admitted that it was incomprehensible that the Universe that exists today could ever have formed by random chance: "Why did the Universe start out with so nearly the critical rate of expansion that separated models [of the Universe] that re collapse from those that go on expanding forever, so that even now, ten thousand million years later, it is still expanding at nearly the critical rate? If the rate of expansion one second after the Big Bang had been smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million, the Universe would have re collapsed before it ever reached its present state." Stephen Hawking, A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME-FROM THE BIG BANG TO BLACK HOLES (New York:Bantam Book,1988)p.122-123.

    How do you know that different forms of Universe weren't created millions of times, over and over again, collapsing, evaporating until, by mere chance the Universe turned out just right!


  3. I think Plasmid was referring to the big S on Superman's chest. And many salt shakers will also have an S on the outside to help distinguish the salt shaker from an identical pepper shaker/mill.

    I figured that he meant the S on Superman's chest, but I have never seen a saltshaker in Serbia with an S on it. In Serbian SALT is SO, so they do start with the same letter, as for PEPPER we call it BIBER. :)

  4. He showed himself alive to Hundreds of people...

    So did Elvis :rolleyes:

    Written in as early as 50a.d. other books and writings up to 75a.d.

    Actually Wiki says up to 150 a.d. (mid second century, so the fable was passed on, same as many other legends and myths were).

    That's only 20 years after this had all taken place. 20 years.

    Well, somebody thought the same thing Paris Hilton said a while ago and I quote: "It will work. I'm a marketing genius."

    Bible and Christianity are nothing but the biggest marketing scam of all times!!

    I gotta hand it to them, they did quite a job, we are still suffering from the ripple effect, but I'd still rather believe in Wizard of Oz!

    Princess Diana not only died in that car accident but 3 days later came back to life, showed herself alive to hundreds of people, oh and while she was alive before she died and then was alive again, she healed the sick, caused the blind to see and raised other people from the dead.

    Dude... this is not cool. :dry: You are talking about a real person here. She was a humanitarian and helped a lot of people. While G.W.Bush wipes his hand on Bill's shirt, she always shook hands with everyone without hesitation or disgust.

    I could not write something like that, ONLY 20 years later. People are still alive to know what happened.

    You do know that back then there was no internet, nor TV, nor radio, nor paparazzi, nor anyone who'd listen to than kind of gibberish?!

    Those things written weren't available to people for centuries, they could have written WHAT EVER THEY WANTED! Think of people's lifespan? They weren't around long enough to worry about Jesus really, they were busy staying alive.

    Your conclusions are totally out of context!

    EDIT: minor typo's

  5. now along the lines of reading the original documents. if you have not read the bible in its original language you have not read the bible! it seems most of you are americans and seem to deal with only english (maybe spanish depending on where you are) but i live in Canada the great white north (32C and everthing turning brown due to heat today) I also work in a technical field. We have documents in english and french. i cannot tell you how many times i have found discrepencies in translations of the same document. I will always refer to the document in the language that it was written to get the right answer. usually english but occasionally french.

    knowing this just think.

    old testament mostly written in ancient hebrew then translated to greek then often latin then english. you dont think there are errors???

    new testament written in greek and or latin, greek parts translated to latin then all is translated to english. again it is 100% impossible due to differences in languages that the bible you read in english is exactly the same as it was written. some terms cannot be translated. some mistakes are made just out of simple error. if memory serves 2k years ago there was no copy/paste or spellcheck.

    Final point all religions were created by man in order to control man. doesnt men a god or gods do not exist it only means that people can be bad and will use anything to control others.

    I agree. There are also many versions of the bible, and I can imagine that many of those who transcribed the book, centuries ago, added some of their own "wisdom" ^_^

  6. Sorry andromeda, it is one of plasmid's links, just that it was a very long one and did not want to attach :blink:

    You misunderstood, I meant that you could provide a link to a website/article where you read that so I could read it too :) about discarding the theory that we and apes descended from the common ancestor.

  7. As difficult as it is to believe, the scientific evidence is now overwhelmingly in support of the conclusion that the entire "ascent of man" from ape-man to modern humans is one of the greatest scientific frauds in history. Just because you make a lie your choice or line of work does not make it true. No offence.

    The Piltdown Man 1 and 2 or Ramapithecus or Java Man or Nebraska Man maybe Lucy or Homo erectus: Peking Man, Neanderthal Man, Cro-Magnon Man. From what I have scene and researched all can and have been explained. :duh:

    Link please :)

  8. Did the lady offer a better explanation? :)

    I'm curious...

    OK... first of all I made a mistake, it's a dude. :lol:

    Second, he did offer an explanation, I just looked it up, it's right HERE.

    The problem with his theory is that 3,8 billions of years ago there was no ozone layer. The UV light would destroy the microbes/organic molecules that would be brought to the earth by comets. To create ozone you need molecular oxygen, and "back in the days" billions of years ago, you needed photosynthetic organisms to create molecular oxygen. Life, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, was most probably generated in a small niche with the optimal conditions for a self replicating organism to be created, ON EARTH!

    The probabilities that he is mentioning are a bit off too in my opinion. I think that those numbers are much lower due to the fact that atoms have tendencies to join together with some other particular atoms depending on their chemical properties.

  9. Edward Cullen - Crude and well

    Bella Swan - Blew nasal

    Twilight - Light wit

    New Moon - On women

    Twilight New Moon - Now emitting howl

    Eclipse - Sec pile

    Twilight Eclipse - Well! Itchiest pig

    Breaking dawn - Drab wakening

    Twilight Breaking dawn - Weakling and bright wit

    Stephenie Meyer - Eerie hymen pest

    All of them hilarious and fitting.

    Hahaha... the word that popped my mind after reading this

    NECROPHILIA - Hop in a relic :lol: so true!

    EDIT: One more.

    NECROPHILIAC - Choleric pain

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