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  1. museum or transport thing?

    It's not a museum. I don't think they would let you sit inside a piece of their collection.

    Transport thing? Well it kinda does transport you when you are sitting inside formula 1.

    But how in a world did you get in that situation! ;)

  2. Hint

    It’s an object we use every single day (at least I do)!

    All of your answers were clever, however... that object does not have actual ears and belies but parts of that object resemble ears and belies!

  3. a playing card

    like a Jack or a queen (but not the one eyed jack....)

    get it?

    Yeah! I never thought of that.

    A face card fits the profile to.

    But no, that's not the correct answer.

    The point is that you can see and touch it's ears, on this object.

    Look around ;)

  4. Kangaroo? Pouch and stomach, her ears and her joey's ears...kinda of a mix between the pregnancy and two animals idea (both great guesses)

    Any chance two wrongs make a right?

    It's not an animal. But nice try. ;)

    If I give you a hint it would be too easy.

  5. Your first puzzle and my first guess/post. :D

    How about either a pregnant woman or Siamese twins?

    It's not a living object, but a pregnant woman does fit the profile.

    The creator of this puzzle had something else on his mind!

    Welcome :D

  6. if she saw the tea with the fly in it why would she add sugar, unless she was blind which would mean she couldn't see the fly in the first place....

    I found the same thing but with coffee!

    And you are absolutely right, why would you put sugar in the tea/coffee if there was a fly in it... however, maybe that was her cunning plan, to make sure she won't be getting the same one!!!

  7. After reading unreality's problems dealing with infinite numbers, I decided to post my own. To be honest, it's not "my own," since I read it in a book a few years ago (I don't remember which book, but it was really good. You should all read it).

    Suppose you have 2 bins, labeled 'A', and 'B'. To start, bin A has an infinite number of ping pong balls, and they are numbered sequentially from 1 to infinity. Each ball has a unique number printed on it. Bins B is empty to start.

    You begin an experiment that will last 1 minute, but will include an infinite number of iterations. Each iteration will take exactly half of the time remaining - ie, the first iteration will be completed after 30 seconds, the second after 45, the third after 52.5, etc. At each iteration, you do two things: 1st, take the two lowest numbered balls out of bin A and put them in bin B; 2nd, take the one lowest numbered ball out of bin B, and throw it away.

    So, in the first 30 seconds, you take balls 1 and 2 out of A and put them in B, then take ball 1 and throw it away. In the next 15 seconds, you take balls 3 and 4 out of A, put them in B, then throw away ball 2. As you can see, the number of balls in bin A will decrease by 2 with every iteration, and the number of balls in bin B will increase by 1.

    The question is this: after the entire minute has elapsed, how many balls will be in bins A and B?

    I don't know

    that one minute will never elapse (reminds me of Xenon's race paradox)because you will never finish repeating those actions!!!

    So... :huh:

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