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  1. Well since Marth still didn't post the picture for this I'll PM someone to take it over so we could finish this game.

    1. Y-san

    In Light of recent events, we've determined that the pen is indeed mightier than the dancing albino aardvark.

    2. Brandonb


    3. andromeda

    Breaking news: Cat fight between two joeys in the local dog shelter!

    4. octopuppy


    5. scsw

    An Australian pound of kangaroos and flying cats!

    6. Gmaster


    7. Lost in space

    Operatic winged-cats attack calypso and flat joey!!

    8. seeksit


    9. IDNE

    X-Men of the Wild West-The Musical! Starring....CATS!

    10. plasmid


    11. No1slight

    "X-Cats meets country meowers"

    12. woon


    13. Magic_luver

    Three Tiger Keidran on summer vaction in Japan!

    14. clozobozo


    15. Pet Rock

    The Tiger family greated us with roars of laughter when we returned to Narnia last summer, all except one, I think she was upset that we did not bring her a present.

    16. Cyberspace


    17. Abhisk

    Woman/lion watches her kids eating in the ocean.


    1. Y-san

    2. Brandonb

    3. andromeda

    4. Octopuppy

    5. scsw

    6. GMaster479

    7. LIS - caption only

    8. seeksit

    9. IDNE

    10. plasmid

    11. No1slight

    12. woon

    13. Magic_luver101 (Magi)

    14. clozo

    15. Pet_Rock

    16. CyberSpace17

    17. abhisk

    18. ???

    19. Grayven

  2. Hm... there's a problem besides the TOP button (yeah... I can press Home but then I have to lift my hand of the mouse :rolleyes: ) anywho... when I go to the "search members posts" and I want to get to a particular post I can't, cause there's no link to it :huh: and when I get a reply notification and I click on the link, it takes me to the OP not to the last post that I didn't read, oh yeah and there's no last unread post link!

    I'll look around and then complain some more :P

    Me and my multiple personalities are a tough crowd! :lol:

    EDIT: Uhhh! I like the EDIT button!!! :D Works super fast!

  3. A thousand apologies :blush::blush::blush:

    I have no excuse for that mistake. I'm sure glad I didn't mistakenly eliminate you. *whew*

    The change brings your score up to 55.8%. (It didn't affect anyone else's score). That put you in third from last place and made the last three places even closer!

    So in the end no lasting harm was done by my error. On to round 2, where everyone has a clean slate. I have yet to hear from you and from three others: Riranor (are you gone?), andromeda, and Cherry Lane.

    Sorry seeksit. I have no time to work on it now, but I'll try to send it in in about 3 hours. Since we have a new feature that you can PM (PC) up to 10 people it would be great if you could notify me cause I don't visit Den that often.

  4. Still waiting to hear from several people.

    I may just leave this open over the weekend if I don't hear from everybody in the next several hours. I'm going to be away (hiking the Appalachian Trail) Saturday and Sunday (Eastern Time in the USA).

    Sorry I totally forgot :blush: it would be great if you'd extend this over the weekend cause that way more people could join, and I would have enough time to carefully study this :D

    Have fun! :)

  5. I was listening to Dirty Diana yesterday!!!

    Well I always thought that MJ is gonna be the first person to live forever... in a way he will.

    Its become such a big thing, as i speak a tribute is playing on tv, switch the channel and theres another one.

    Not really... switch to Sports or Science... I'm watching tennis :)

    Life goes on...

  6. They did, and GC you played a great game convincing everyone your were good.

    Well unfortunatelly I went through this game like a zombie cause I didn't have the time to pay attention on all the little details and for GC "innocent tag" I blame SD :P

    GC knows that I'm smarter than the Smart Blond ;)

  7. Woohoo!! The indus actually won! With the students of course. Great game Gmaster and scsw you guys did great hosting. I agree with andro, maybe a bit less people. Yay, when I come back from India this will be there in September!! (I come back on15th August. Great job everyone.

    While you are in India, find GC and kick his a**! :lol:

  8. Woot, I'm okay with a tie. And actually, Gmaster, I had sent in what I would have RID'd, that Kathleen was the VP, and Eeeeep was the School Genius. that's okay though, because I'm ok with Bees and Students ruling the school. XD

    I cured Eeeeep :) and you are only allowed one RID per night and Eeeeep also had a School Idol targets Kat block so either way and your block was stopped by Eeeeep.

  9. Well here is how this will play out. The Bees are unable to get their wincon. They hadn't RIDed Eeeep yet and without him, they can only RID 7 guys.

    If you vote out the Rich Kid, then The Hooligans would lose, but the Queen Bees would have to be lynched in order for the Innocents to get their wincon. So if the 2 bees and the 2 innocents keep splitting the vote, I guess I could have to call it a tie between the 2 factions left. However the innocents have a 50/50 shot of winning if they tie the vote each night and leave it up to a series of coin flips to determine whether the innocents win or nobody wins

    With GC not lynched and still in and one of the innocents voted off, GC would win with the suspension the next night.

    So I leave it up to you guys to determine how this ends

    I'd say we lynch the Rich Kid and call it a tie. I don't mind having Cheerleaders in the School, but I don't like Hooligans :dry:

    I think that a tie would be super cool.

  10. Class Roster

    1. Clozobozo - lynched and found to be the [Computer geek]

    2. Abhisk

    3. Riranor - voting for grey cells

    4. underground_dan - suspended by the Hooligans

    5. Limey- lynched and found to be the [Class President]

    6. RPGBully- suspended by the Hooligans

    7. Eeeeep - suspended by the Hooligans

    8. Mekal - lynched and found to be the [Goth]

    9. Phaze- suspended by the Hooligans

    10. Amberrock - lynched and found to be the [Vandal]

    11. Kathleen

    12. Reaymanator - suspended by the Hooligans

    13. andromeda - voting for grey cells

    14. Social Darwin - suspended by the Hooligans

    15. RainThinker - lynched and found to be [Queen Bee]

    16. Prof. Templeton - lynched and found to be the [snitch]

    17. Magic - lynched and found to be the [school Bully]

    18. JS - suspended by the Hooligans

    19. GC

  11. Yeah, it's a tough part of learning any language: picking up the idioms.

    How do you tell someone that when you said "He bought the farm" you really meant "He kicked the bucket"?

    In my country we say: "He stretched his trotters", or "He threw away the spoon" :lol:

  12. Yeah I was just about to say what Izzy said.

    Those are all idioms. There are equivalents in every country. So basically you just have to explain the meaning of that idiom and the other person will probably say "Oh we have something similar, but it's a bit different"

    For example in English it's - "piece of cake", in my language it's - "prosto ko pasulj" or in translation "easy as beans".

    So if you wanna explain that to someone all you have to do is to tell him to google the expression, given that he speaks English to some extent.


  13. Walk to the store and flirt with the cute guy/girl in the frozen foods section.

    Um... at the frozen food section I'm trying to think more than ten ways to use that package of frozen fish as a weapon :ph34r:

    What you do doesn't matter, as long as when you get home and mindlessly sit down with the laptop, something inside you triggers and you tell yourself that you HAVE to do something else first. Anything.

    Yeah... I do have do to something else first, plug it in. My PC is not working without electricity.

    I'm hopeless :(

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