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  2. Help me guess the sound

    A new hint: It doubles It sounds like it but what is the relation with all those hints.
  3. Walk the pattern

    I once stood on a Cartesian plane at (0, 0) facing north (along the positive y-axis). I pulled out a rug in the shape of a regular triangle (which I call a 3-gon) and set it on the plane with one vertex at my feet at (0, 0) and with the center in the direction I was facing along the y-axis. I then started walking forward on the rug until I got to the center of the 3-gon, at which point I stopped and turned clockwise until I was facing a vertex, and I walked to that vertex of the 3-gon. Then I pulled out a rug in the shape of a square (which I call a 4-gon), put it with one vertex at my feet and with the center straight ahead of my current view (after that previous clockwise turn). I walked to the center of the 4-gon and then turned counterclockwise (instead of clockwise like on the odd-numbered N-gon rug), and started walking again as soon as I was facing a new vertex of the 4-gon. I kept repeating that for every odd numbered N-gon and every multiple of 4-gon. Which way was I facing after I did that forever?
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  5. Coin hunt

  6. Poisoned Needles

    Is it possible that the needles are actually...
  7. Coin hunt

    That looks like it nailed it, PG! As for a way of saying it in under a minute...
  8. I’m not Moby Dick

    Oh, man, I do like that answer. It does totally make sense. I was just too close to food, I guess. At one point, I was putting my hands in the shape of a "peaking wave" (and it totally is the shape of a roof) and wondering to myself what has that shape and would be above something insulated. And I landed on oven hood.
  9. Coin hunt

    an attempt at an explanation by example
  10. So basically we have a sound, video below, and a series of hints. Can anyone guess the sound? White Wood Triangle By turn It s not flowing It soaks Metal Slow New/nine It sticks Shiny Sharp Hard Edge It has taste
  11. I’m not Moby Dick

    I'll call that a hit. My thinking was...
  12. Last week
  13. Coin hunt

    Been extremely interested in this one plasmid my friend, and for the longest time thought the above post must be a mistake. Now think am on to you. Just need to figure out how to simply explain the solution if indeed my most recent process pans out. Just wanted to let you know am still on the case. Know it can be frustrating when a thread goes on without response, especially when it's a fine puzzle such as this one. I'll be back...
  14. I’m not Moby Dick

    Getting warmer, but I'll definitely cause you (the listener of the riddle) more calamity if my insides get out and have my own "peaked wave" in the sea to sit under (mostly).
  15. I’m not Moby Dick

    Not a balloon, something else that's more characteristically under a peaked wave and mostly concealed.
  16. I’m not Moby Dick

    On the right track, but I get more riled up upon harpooning.
  17. Ants on an icosagon

    Rodocmac, thank you, but I’ll pass. I’ve posted “oops” enough for now :-)
  18. Ants on an icosagon

    CaptainEd ...
  19. Ants on an icosagon

    Thanks, rodocmac Ants on octahedron Once again attempting to count unique permutations
  20. I’m not Moby Dick

    Not a sink disposal. While I imagine the last stanza has happened with some of those, I hope it's not commonplace enough to belong in a riddle.
  21. I’m not Moby Dick

    On the right track, but not quite there yet.
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