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  2. What a deliciously challenging and intriguing puzzle.
  3. If you think you've heard this one before, read it carefully. It's not the standard puzzle. A beautiful maiden sits in a boat at the center of circular lake. On shore waits an ogre anxious to have his way with her. Being an excellent sprinter she knows she can outrun and therefore escape the lumbering ogre if only she can land her boat safely. But should the ogre reach her landing point first, alas, all will be lost. The boat is propelled by a motor capable of only a fraction f of the ogre's speed. What is the minimum value of f that will permit the Maiden to escape?
  4. An archaeological artifact is depicting figures of some natural and artificial objects like the sun, moon, comet, star, flower, horse, bird , insect, headdress, mountains, river, house, weapons, bonfire and necklace. The translation of the symbol message below is "WIND, RAIN, FLAME, SOIL, ESSENCE". According to experts, there are 5 polyomino tiles that were used as patterns for making the outline of the figures in this artwork. They also believed that these 5 tiles altogether should fill and fit in any of the 16 figures depicted above. What are these polyominoes?
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  6. Vdsffbfdfgxgbbbhdfgnfdgnfdbgtd fgffgbfbgfgdfgbgfbgffbfghbfgngfgnhgfgnfff hhfghhngfggfbdfgbggfnhffffffffffssssfefggfgffd
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  8. Phil1882 is right ... there is a discrepancy. The 6th term may possibly be 532 901 * 532 901 + 1 = 283 982 410 001.
  9. That's some two-year-old. And yes, it's time to ..
  10. Peter Cole

    Thanks for creating Homework Help related feature, I want to ask that there will be any kind of web development and programming related help.
  11. The conditions were that God can not lift the stone not shall not.
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  13. Yes... He is right. if machine B worked 5 hours more,it means that it worked 200 hours more to keep up with machine A. i.e. machine A overtook by 200 hours... Each hour both the machines works, machine A overtakes machine B by 5 hours... To overtake by 200 hours machine A has to work (200/5)= 40 hours
  14. Machine A worked 40 hours. 45x = 40(x + 5 ); 45x = 40x +200.; 5x = 200 ;x = 40
  15. Jim56


    Machine A refused to work overtime and only did his 40.
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    Machine A and Machine B work in the same factory. Machine A can produce 45 widgets in one hour and Machine B can produce 40 widgets in one hour. During one week, Machine B worked five more hours than Machine A but produced the same number of widgets as Machine A. How many hours did Machine A work that week?
  17. I correct you. You're wrong. 1 + 2 = 3 is not "technically a lie."
  18. i'm not fully sure what you are asking, yes, no object is perfectly identical to another, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily worth less/more. if i have two apples, one shaped like a pear, the other like a cucumber, i still have two apples.
  19. Thanks, about what I guessed. I just didn't take the time to follow it to its full conclusion
  20. I've been playing around with puzzle geocaches for awhile, now, on a fb page dedicated to them. Someone asked for help on one that was a logic problem. HEAVEN!!!! Another poster said it sounded like Einstein's riddle, which I'd never heard of. So of course I googled it, and solved it in less than an hour. But one of the listings that came up in the google search was BrainDen. Two puzzles later, I'm hooked. So, what are the reputation points all about?
  21. You've got all of them correct! Kindly tell all Braindenners how you managed that. My explanation to follow after that (if necessary).
  22. @mtngoat @SamSam11
  23. I came up with this answer. pls see attached file. IMG_0012 (2).pdf
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