Here are a few fun unblocked games that you can play at school or at work. No need to install anything.

Just click on "Start Game" or on the picture of each game. A pop up with the game will open - don't forget to click in the pop up to enable Flash which is needed to play all games. Have fun.


Free Unblocked Games - play directly here by clicking the pictures below.


This is probably the most cool puzzle game I ever played.
Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to get a rectangular cube into a square hole.
Use arrow keys to roll and tip your block to the hole. More tips and tricks are directly in the game - Start the Game

Play Bloxorz - Cool Math Game


Isoball is another great logic game where you have to roll ball into designated hole by building a track using several kinds of blocks.
You will start with easy tracks, however, there will be more and more complex tracks. Each puzzle has a timer. Progress through the rankings from red ball 'novice' to black ball 'architect'.


Offline Puzzle Games - download onto your computer and play even without internet connection.


Soukoban (144 KB) is a classic brain game for all ages (kids and adults). The objective is to push given cubes to a certain position in a warehouse. Even though the logic is simple, it's quite challenging to complete the hardest levels.
Soukoban - download this game


PocoMan (1045 KB) is another brain game like Soukoban including a bit more complicated mazes.
PocoMan - download this game


Triogical (4156 KB) is a free (freeware), puzzle-type game. Collect all Klondikes by using 3 robots - pusher, grabber and zapper (99 maps).
Triogical - download this game


Atomic (198 KB) - move atoms in a maze to create a molecule and all that in a time limit. Learning how to built the basic molecules is added educational value.
Atomic - download this game


Oslik (113 KB) - use simple logic to get the yellow square out through the bottom edge in this brain exercise (tease your mind).
Oslik - download this game


Fifteen (17 KB) - Sam Loyd's (famous puzzle maker) well-known free brain game called "Fifteen". It's still a cool game although it's more than a century old.
Fifteen - download this game


What about a game of Chess Against Computer >>

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