Enjoy this career test and find your hidden strengths.

Put your brain to the test and identify what your career advantage is! Are you emotionally intelligent or analytically powerful?

See for yourself what type of person you are at work.


People have different strengths and weaknesses, which makes for an interesting mix when they are put together in the workplace. But what are your hidden qualities and how do you contribute to your team?

This test has developed categories that will tell you whether you are more of a team player, who easily adapts to surroundings and is appreciated by everyone for wanting to create a positive atmosphere or rather more of a lonely wolf who likes to be a leader and an innovative thinker.

Are you a true team player who holds the team together through your excellent emotional intelligence skills?

Or are you more of an innovative leader? Someone who is respected and seen as an expert in their field, rational thinking, and always up for a good challenge?

Or maybe your strengths lie in the golden middle, making it easy for you to be the leader in a group without losing track of everyone else's needs.

This slightly unconventional test analyzes your thinking and behavioral patterns at work! If you ever wondered how your colleagues see you and what position you are made for, then this is the test for you.

10 questions - 10 answers - let's do it!


Career Test


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