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My father was not alive or dead,

The night he took my mother to bed.

I can be as strong as he,

Without having to worry and flee.

I have no complaints with the light,

And I can surely sleep through the night.

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Sorry I went home for the night and couldn't check the den.

connor son of Angel (vampire) and Darla

nope, not that specific.

I like this answer, with a slight twist

Daywalker...half Vampire, half Human?

Correct...but I am looking for something more.

Ooohhh! Yeah! A Dunpeal! Like Vampire Hunter D!!!

Good job. I am looking for another word, but I can accept that.

Dhampir...Vampire father, Human mother.

If you want to keep guessing and get the word I am looking for, then don't look at my spoiler :D But otherwise, Great job deannaart!

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