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Have you ever played mastermind? The game where you try to guess a sequence of four colored pegs? Well, I've invented a variation on it that I've been playing with my family. My version is played with words! So here's how the game works: I come up with a word (4-6 letters works best, but you can play with any length). Then everyone else guesses words. I tell you if you have any letters right and whether or not they are in the right place. (x = right letter right place, o = right letter wrong place) The guesses must be the same length as the word being guessed.

Here's an example:

word to be guessed:



laugh: o

curse: o

drown: xx

peels: _ (none right)

spent: o

brown: xxx

brood: xx

brain: xxxxx!

This thread will serve as the permanent thread for all masterword games. Once a game is finished, the correct guesser can start the next game. If he/she elects to pass, whoever wants to can start the new game. Please, only one game at a time to reduce confusion.

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This thread will serve as the permanent thread for all masterword games.

You're aware that I stated that 30th thread will serve as the final thread, right? In the future, contact me before posting something that conflicts with my moderation. I'll post in that thread now that this thread will be where all successive rounds will be played.

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