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look around and

you will find

something special

all the time

A flat bumpy box

with colors galore

very rarely such a bore


night flight

stars behind bars

midnight fright

limo-ey cars


Kat detests

I do enjoy

i see it on a napkin

A natural toy!


when you lie

it sinks down

at your head

sideways crown


four legs

one head

no arms

It is no thread...


it can be snail

it can be ee

either way

it's for you and me!


a story of sorts

an alive short rope

her's is white and fuzzy

mine...never mind; nope


a 1d box

a verb and noun

two rainbows with bottoms

in houses and towns


fun to snap

i eat it now

look at that!

holy cow!

BLUE: Music title

Take the title i gave and find symonyms for the words to find the real title. The only hint will be the artist, and small hints if you need them (the words in the makeshift titles may not work together).

your first small hint...']none of the artists are repeated...

1) no halt hoping

2) picture

3) photos of yourself

4) note in a jar

5) steal a loopy-ribbon

6) continue-being-there

7) Right here is a jail

8) come-in beach-sir

9) i extremly-dislike all-the-things that-have-to-do-with you

10) hurt

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Me not good with WAI's, so I'll try the songs.

1. Don't Stop Wishing?

4. Message in a Bottle - The Police

8. Enter Sandman

Yeah, that's all I got, but at least it's something.

And congrats again on 2,000 posts!

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